July 20, 2008
Story by Laura Goodrum (Taurs)


It was yet another trip out today for us U.K. troopers as Jaask and me hit London Film and Comic-Con. Neither of us had attended this con before but we decided this year it was time to give it a go. The event was at Earls court exhibition centre that interestingly enough was where Celebration Europe was planned to be held last year but they changed at the last minute because it wasn't big enough! As it was Sunday the doors weren't going to be open until 10am but when we arrived about an hour before that the queue outside was already pretty long. It was definitely a good turn out mainly due to the fact that Patrick Stewart would be attending, there were a lot of Trekkies in the queue who were pretty desperate to meet him, including us!

When the doors opened we rushed in and got our virtual tickets for Stewart and also tickets for a talk he would be doing, then it was time to kick back and have a look around. First off we headed over to check out the Indiana Jones original prop display, which was a fair bit smaller than we expected to be honest. There were a few costumes, a crate, Indy's whip, a Shankara stone, the grail knight sword, a replica of the arc and a few other items. You could also find in the hallway display the Delorean as seen in Back to the future and the Mitsubishi Eclipse from the Fast and the Furious. We did have a look around all the dealers but due to the lack of new products recently there wasn't really anything of interest, I picked up a couple of comic packs and Kubricks and we spotted the new clone wars figures on one stall but had to pass on them as they were priced at $16 each!

We attended a free talk by Brad Dourif (he was Wormtongue in LOTR), which was a bit dull; he isn't a very charasmatic guy. Turned out that Brian Blessed, who played Boss Nass, would not be appearing as he cancelled at the last minute, which was a bit annoying. We went over to see Kenny Baker again who seemed very well after his recent health problems. I also went and got Hassani Shapi's autograph, he played Jedi Matser Eeth Koth, he seemed like a really nice guy. The actor who played Saesee Tiin in Revenge of the Sith (Khan Bonfils) was sitting next to him but he didn't look very friendly so I gave him a miss!

Apparently during the afternoon there was meant to be an attempt at the world record for the most people in star wars costume in one place. I thought this was a pretty far fetched idea because there is no way we could ever compete with things like C4 but even though it was on the website and on the schedules we never heard anything about it on the day so I think they realized it was never going to happen and gave up altogether!

When our numbers came up we headed over to get Patrick Stewart's autograph. I have never been so rushed through as I was with him, he wasn't allowing photos and he wasn't dedicating the autos either, he was going through about 10 people a minute which at $50 a pop is a bit out of order. Later in the afternoon we attended his talk which was another $40 each but it was actually pretty interesting and we both enjoyed it and everyone got a free exclusive print and bit of fabric from the set of next generation. By the time we got out of that the convention was starting to wrap up so we joined the mass of people heading out. Overall it was a good convention and we had a good day out, I think we will definitely be attending again next year.

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