January 31st, 2010
Story & Photos by Walt "Phenix" Crowley


2010 Krewe of Little Rascals Parade
TD 5491 is coming at you with another report from our first Mardi Gras parade of this year. This was also the first time we've joined with the Krewe of Little Rascals, which is a Children's parade with kids throwing beads, Frisbees, dabloons ect... to the parade masses. Fellow members of the Bast Alpha Squad of the 501st Legion joined forces with the Rebel Legion to strike "FUN" into the hearts and minds the the parade crowds which was mainly kids.

The parade started off cold, slow but before we knew it, the parade had kicked into overdrive and with this parade being only a couple of miles long it ended before it really started. A few members had their "Who Dat" flags and stickers attached to their costumes and got a lot of attention. Over all a great parade and a great troop which we were well received for it being our first time participating in this parade. A few troopers had armor and costume problems but thanks to our Wranglers for keeping us together. Until the Next Mission report from our next Parade, "Throw me something Mister"!

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