June 25, 2011
Story & Photos by: Chris "Darth" Spice


It has been quite some time since I've been able to take on one of my favorite alter-egos TD 7306, however the Midwest Garrison gave me a great excuse to do just that.  The Legoland Discovery Center was hosting a Star Wars day and some of the finest costumers in the area would endure four days of packed lines and eager kids. There would be a special Lego scavenger hunt, and I had no idea how cool that would be.  One of the exhibits on hand is the City of Chicago built with amazing accuracy, however for Star Wars day, the windy city was accented with several battle scenes completed with Star Wars Legos.  I was very grateful to have arrived early to be able to walk around and take a look at some of the sights. This is where many of the figures were "hidden" for the special scavenger hunt. I hope this is the only way I ever have to see Chicago under attack! From the Dark Knight to the President of the United States and several other characters from pop culture, the center was packed with so many incredible displays that you could only keep asking yourself how long it would take to build them?

There really wasn't too much of a need to hang around the exterior as the tickets for Star Wars day were completely sold out.  After the scavenger hunt there was a place to have photos with the 501st and the young padawans also got a chance to build a gigantic Yoda!  When complete he will be constructed with over 82,000 bricks, taller than ten feet and weighing at four hundred pounds!  To think one of his most famous quotes was "size matters not", but I have to make it a point to get back down there to see it when it's complete.  The 501st would also assist the employees with "capturing" some of the kids and playing a cool game of Star Wars trivia.  If they won they received a smaller Lego kit, if they didn't get the questions right they got a poster.  It was such a joy to see the smiles on the faces, and no doubt we'll have some new recruits with just a little time for them to grow.  It was a great afternoon, and if you have a Discovery Center nearby, you might want to check this out as it was a lot of fun for Star Wars fans young and old. It is truly amazing to see Star Wars live forever, brick by brick and one fan at a time!

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