Libertyville, IL
March 9, 2007
Story and Photos by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


For the past few weeks there has been quite a buzz about two fan-films that have been getting quite a bit of attention in the Star Wars Universe. Several weeks ago members of were recruited by Cris Macht to be a part of a fan documentary entitled A Force Among Us, tonight I got to taste just a little bit of the Force at the Lake County Film Festival in Libertyville, IL when I attended the premiere of A Great Disturbance.

The organizers of the event weren’t really aware of the wrath of Vader’s Fist, therefore TK 737 and I filled a late, last minute request and a couple other non-501st costumers showed up as well. For those of you not familiar or haven’t heard very much about this disturbance, it’s a very interesting “mockumentary” that took place during Celebration III. The film directs focus to five superfans that are attending the Star Wars party of a lifetime.

Phil Rawls, Lee Sagowitz, Doug Crawford, Derek Alberts and “Smitty” Smith embark on a journey that I’m sure we can all relate to. I’ve also heard some grumbling that the film makes too much fun or takes unnecessary shots at Star Wars fans. After now seeing the film twice I’d have to say if you feel that way you take this hobby and yourself way too serious. It is really easy to relate these characters to someone you know in the collecting world and if you can’t find the humor in this film you must be smoking death sticks. The actors do an extremely good job and if you give it a chance you just might find yourself laughing hysterically. I was also very impressed with the first look at A Force Among Us as well and very much look forward to attending that premiere too! United We Find.

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