Kane County Fairgrounds, Geneva, IL
May 7, 2006
Story and Photos by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)


It’s the first weekend of the new month, and to all those who live in the surrounding area of Kane County that means it’s time for the big flea market. I’ve been to a number of these flea markets, and each and every time you go there you’re just not sure what you’re going to come across. Sometimes the trip can be rather boring where you come up with nothing, and other times you can come out of there with some great hard-to-find Star Wars items. Today, unfortunately, wasn’t the best of outings for me, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t have a good time today.

After a terrific breakfast at the regular place we eat at every Sunday morning, my friend Jeff and I trekked out to the flea market. We arrived at approximately 10:00am, which is a fairly decent time to make it out to the fairgrounds. One thing that I noticed right away was that the main parking lot was totally destroyed, and you could tell that some new buildings are going to be built sometime in the near future as there were fire hydrants all over the place. So instead of parking in the usual spot, we parked way out in the middle of nowhere.

Five minutes later and we had walked up to the front gate, and we were getting ready to move into the main area. The entry fee was less than normal, as I believe it’s normally about $7 to get in, but this time it was only $5 which was good news. I brought a good amount of spending money, hoping that someone there was going to have that “must have” item that I’ve been dying to add to my Star Wars collection. It’s the same level of anticipation that I get every time I’m about to walk into a flea market, and because I haven’t been to the flea market in almost a year I was ready to launch through the gate. Money was handed over to the attendant and we headed in.

This flea market covered a lot of ground, and it seemed that there were more dealers there than I’ve seen in a long time. The place was packed with them, and all I could think of was that I was going to find a lot of great Star Wars collectibles. Sadly though, after patrolling the entire fairground which took more than two hours, I walked away from the place with only one thing. That one thing was a 1997 POTF2 A-Wing Fighter, which was loose but appeared to be in good condition. After getting it home I noticed that one of the back landing gears didn’t look to be functioning properly, but for $7 I thought it was still a pretty good deal.

There were probably only four or five total dealers that had at least one thing that was related to Star Wars. One dealer had two vintage Darth Vader figure cases, both in great shape, but they wanted $20 for each of them which is too much. Another person had a lot of vintage figures, a Darth Vader carrying case, and lots of the Micro Collection diecast figures that were in good shape. I would have bought some from the guy, but I already had all of them from my childhood. One dealer had a box that had all eleven plush figures from the POTF2 days (Wampa, Jabba the Hutt, Jawa, Ewok, etc), all looked to be in great shape, was labeled as a “complete set,” but they dealer wanted $40 for them. My first thought was that it was overpriced, but after I got home and thought about it more I realized that it was probably a pretty good deal. There were a couple other dealers that had one or two small things that belonged to the Star Wars realm, but nothing really worthwhile.

Even though I only walked away with that A-Wing Fighter, it was still a great day mainly because of the gorgeous weather we had today. It was about seventy degrees with almost clear skies, and because of that I got some good sun on me.

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