Indianapolis, IN
April 30, 2006
Story and Photos by Jedichirp


Jedichirp here in Indy on a rainy Sunday and I just got the dewback all dried off from the trip to the Indianapolis Comic Book Show put on by Ash Comics.  This show had the usual flood of comics of all kinds.  Anything from Alligator Man to Spiderman to Star Wars and of course X-Men comics were on hand.  It looked as if there were probably close to 50 tables of goods to look at.

Directly inside the front entrance to the room was a television with Anime keeping the crowd of 12-15 amused.  Anime videos are HUGE at these shows as I saw more than one collector walking out the door with an arm full of new videos.  Within the main room anime artwork and different comic books were found at nearly every table.

I spotted a favorite Star Wars collectible of mine at a table for $10, the Yoda gumball machine!!  Not a bad deal at all.  Ralph McQuarrie artwork was on hand as well as the vintage Star Wars comic books with the crazy looking jedi on the cover fighting Vader.  Star Wars Christmas ornaments for $1 (not Hallmark, unfortunately) and the Holographic Yoda TRU exclusive was on hand for only $15.  The Bounty Hunter pack with Vader and the 6 other bounty hunters was available along with an overpriced Scorch for $20. 

I found a table set up in the middle with the seller’s basement clear out of vintage figs of all types and for good prices.  I asked him if he would be okay with me snapping up a few pics for and he immediately gave his approval.  He was familiar with the site and said that great work is being done at  He had seen a few of the troops in Chicago at a collector’s expo.  I asked him to stop by the site and introduce himself and he may do so in the future.  I bought 7 loose complete vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from him for $1 each.  After talking to him for awhile, he cranked his prices down to $1 from $3-4.  Very cool.  He also had many carded and loose Star Wars figs of all kinds, vintage and new for great prices.  He had the R2 with Holo Leia that ALL collectors were going crazy for a few years ago (some paying close to $100 at the time) for only $5 MOMC.

The show looked like it was to be a success based on what I saw people purchasing and the boxes of comics that were being sold.  I actually only walked out with the Turtles figs, but could have spent a lot more on some of the SW figs but held back for my Disney trip next month. 

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