Indianapolis, IN
February 26, 2006
Story by Chad McDonald (jedichirp)


It’s a cold day here in Indy and I could not think of a better way to keep warm than being in the warm confines of a Holiday Inn sifting through piles and piles of comic books and searching for the sprinkle of toys throughout. The turnout of collectors and fans seemed to be good right from the front doors as people sat twenty deep watching anime and looking through their newly purchased comic books.

Upon entering the exhibit room, I was shocked to find that only about 75% of the room was being occupied by vendors. Usually the room is stacked with wall-to-wall vendors, but the ones that did set up camp for today’s event didn’t disappoint the collectors. If you were there searching for that rare Dracula #1 or just looking to fill the void in your collection with a Superman or Spiderman comic, I’m sure you could have found what you needed. Comic books were in abundance from $0.25 on up to a couple hundred dollars each.

I was doing my normal scan of the area and did come up with some Star Wars items in my sights. You could find some DVDs containing “Missing Footage” and “Rare Star Wars Oddities” as well as some with deleted scenes and such. Not many figures were found, but I did happen to pick up a ROTS figure I needed at a great price.

The people that came out for this show were really there for the Anime DVDs and comic books. Everyone, as usual, was extremely friendly and seemed to be having a great time. This show seems to be moving away from toys, but the comics are strong.

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