March 12, 2011
Story & Photos by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis presents Incredible Costumes from Film and TV. Opening March 12, 2011 - May 8, 2011 for a limited time this temporary exhibit allows visitors to view costumes worn both on the small and big screens. Many well-known film and television series covering nearly 9 decades of entertainment including the famous hat of the Wicked Witch of the West from 1939's The Wizard of Oz, the reptilian Gorn costume from Star Trek (1966) just to name a few.

On hand is the 501st Bloodfin Garrison and Rebel Legion's Mos Espa Base sporting various Star Wars costumes. Other costuming groups from and around Indiana will be there as well from Star Trek to whatever happens to be worn the days they are there. Each day will bring a new surprise. In addition to viewing famous costumes and some props, visitors of all ages will be able to dress and join in on the fun. Everyone will have a chance to learn what goes into creating a costume, and how costumes play an important part of the story-telling process.

Incredible Costumes from Film and TV comes to The Children's Museum in part from Seattle's Experience Music Project Science Fiction Museum. Additional costumes being displayed are on loan to the museum including the pink genie outfit worn by Barbara Eden in the television series I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970) and a Wonder Woman costume worn by Lynda Carter in the television series Wonder Woman (1975-1979), as well as a blue evening dress worn by Beyonce Knowles in the movie Dreamgirls (2006). Many more costumes are on display and are sure to bring in the crowds. Enjoy!

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