InConJunction July 2-4, 2010 
Indianapolis, Indiana
Story and Photos by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)


So you might ask yourself "what is InConJunction?" Well do you like gaming? Puzzles? Role Play? Movies? Art? Music? Anime? Costumes? Sci-Fi? or Fantasy? all in a family fun environment during the day? If you said yes to any of this then this convention is for you. Be warned that when the sun goes down there is some adult theme parties and fun that goes on.

Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back" is not the only thing this year to be celebrating its 30th anniversary, InConJunction is celebrating its 30th year as well. 

For this trooper, it is the first time that I have attended InConJunction and I am very glad I was invited to attend the show. Upon arriving at the location the local Central Indiana Regional Blood Center was outside with the bloodmobile taking blood donations. As I entered the main gathering area near registration and badge pickup there was much more just in this area alone. There was a table set up where some kids were putting together some lego type items and making some really neat vehicles, The Damien Center - Leaders in HIV/AIDS prevention and care, musician Marc Gunn, the Duct Tape Blacksmith, Magic House Productions One of the Midwest's premiere motion picture production houses, author CJ Henderson, Cats Haven and other groups and charities. 

In several of the rooms surrounding the main hallway gathering area there were rooms that you could sit back and watch some old Dr. Who and Anime or attend several of the panels (most are family friendly but there were a few later in the days that were meant for those a little more mature): Introduction to Podcasting, Science Fiction Turned Reality, Comic Book Technology, Astronomy 101, Candlelight Horror, and so much more. If you named it there was probably a panel on that topic during the three days of this convention.

There was also in other areas of this convention that had gaming table, art, the exhibitor's room, or you could get something to eat or even a very relaxing massage that felt really good on Binks' sore shoulders. I melted like Hoth snow on a hot Tatooine day.

There was also one of my favorite things about any convention and especially at a fantasy and Sci-Fi convention, that is right the costumes. On Saturday evening there was the masquerade contest and I must say these folks really get into character. As some entertainment while the judges were making their decisions we were treated by Destiny who sand three songs in collaboration with one of my favorite mood music groups, Midnight Syndicate. 

There were a few people dressed up and I ran into two Mandalorian Mercs who traveled in their spaceship all the way from Kentucky. These two had some really amazing costumes and it was a pleasure to talk to them for a while. It seems that this Gungan is making friends with many of the Mandalorian Mercs at all the various conventions this year. Who knows maybe Binks will don some Mandalorian armor in the future.

I did take in a few panels why I spent my time at InConJunction as well as some very funny and good humor music from Tom Smith. I ran into some old friends and it was nice to catch up with them to making many new friends. 

I have to give a nice shout out to my fellow crew of the U.B.S. INDYCENT of Bar Fleet. Barfleet is a national organization whose sole mission is to provide hospitality and throw parties at science fiction, gaming, and other genre-related conventions for adult convention attendees. There are two sides to Barfleet: Local Barfleet chapters, each of which is loosely modeled after a Star Trek vessel or base and who provide the manpower and resources to coordinate and run our convention activities; and Barfleet Command, the central authority that provides support, guidance, and administrative assistance to the local groups.

Presently, there are Barfleet Chapters in:
Cleveland, Ohio - U.B.S. CASUAL 
Columbus, Ohio - U.B.B. COLUMBUS 
Indianapolis, Indiana - U.B.S. INDYCENT 
Springfield, Connecticut - U.B.S. SHAMELESS 
Chicago, Illinois - U.B.S. ABANDON 

I am now a cadet of this group and my Barfleet name is Boozie Binks. Hey I did warn you at night not all activity was family friendly. Sorry kids you have to be 21 to enter Barfleet since there are some adult beverages in use. 

After a long weekend at InConJunction I would have to say if you are in the Indianapolis area next year you should stop in and have some fun. I do not think that you will be disappointed. There is just so much that goes on that I could not even put it all in one article. There is just so much more to do and see.


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