Cedar Rapids, IA
February 25, 2006
Story and Photos by Ron Lanning (scalperhunter1)


It was a warm sunny day at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena. Dewbacks were parked as far as the eye could see. Over 3,000 people came out to watch hockey and meet the greatest movie characters ever created. This was definitely a night for the kids as they were a large part of the attendees. Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, an Imperial Officer, a Scout Trooper, two Jedi, a Death Star Mechanic and a great looking Sandtrooper greeted fans. People began entering the ice arena and we were greeted with looks of amazement from the kids and “You’re a Total Dork” from the adults. I’m not sure which one I appreciated more. As we made the rounds the kids surrounded us. The obnoxious ones are now one with the force thanks to my lightsaber skills. Autographs were the highlight for the little ones. Look what I got dad, mom look, its Obi-Wan was heard over and over. Everyone had a great time and the arena manager is already making plans for next year’s event.

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