July 12, 2007
Story and Photos Laura Goodrum (Taurs)


Today the Gentle Giant Tour finally made it to the UK with an event at the Forbidden Planet store in central London. The tour exclusive Yoda and Artoo maquette and Luke and Han bust ups were offered for sale as well as the Commander Bly Mini bust which was exclusive only to this event.

We decided to get there pretty early this morning to ensure we could get all the exclusives. We arrived at 9:30am even though the bust didn’t go on sale until 5pm. Getting there so early we didn’t really expect there to be many other people waiting but when we arrived at the back of the shop we found that the queue was already forming. The guy at the front had arrived at 7 in the morning and there were quite a few members of the French 501st, and also a couple who were in front of us, so we were about 10th from the front. Over the course of the morning people turned up gradually and at 11 the staff of forbidden planet came out and gave us all tea and some chocolates. After noon the queue really started to pick up and it looked like there were a few scalpers.

Later in the afternoon staff gave out forms for the competition ten people to win a chance to have their head scanned and for 1 overall winner to have the scan made into an actual head sculpt to go on the Bly bust. The atmosphere in the queue was really good and we got chatting to quite a few of the people, the guy in front of us had some interesting stories to tell especially one about how he met Rick McCullum and ended up scoring tickets to the ROTS Premiere!!

As it neared 5pm the staff announced that the Bly bust would be two per customer and the Maquette and Bust-ups would be one per customer. Then the winners of the competition were announced and they were allowed to enter the store first to buy their stuff and have their heads scanned. Shortly after, the staff began letting people from the main queue enter the shop in twos and threes. After a short delay due to a fight in the queue over a free Gentle Giant tour T-Shirt we entered the shop in about the third group. We were handed our exclusives and then had the chance to meet Karl Meyer who posed for photos and signed our Commander Bly boxes.

Overall Gentle Giant and forbidden Planet handled this event very well, it was all well organized and they made it quite a fun day out. As far as I know people near us in the queue seemed to get most of the exclusives they wanted although I’m not sure that the people at the very end of the extremely long queue didn’t miss out on the Yoda and Artoo maquette.

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