Indianapolis, IN
August 5-8, 2010
Story and Photos by David "Boba Binks" Sycyzylo


Well troopers it is that time of year again when you take off your armor and change into something more comfortable. Maybe even perhaps a costume and get lost in a world of gaming and fantasy at GenCon Indy, the best four days in gaming!

There is no way in any realm or galaxy that one could possibly see or do everything that is at GenCon, even though it is running 24-hours a day for four day between the Convention Center and the surround hotels. There is just not enough time. From the art show, guests, auctions, library, costumes, concerts, dancing, movies, special events, charities, dungeons, family fun and all the games from traditional, carded to computer and so much more. 

All that is associated with games as usual overwhelms me. It amazes me every year that the gaming community is always growing and always-reinventing games. As I wondered the many halls of GenCon I did stop in and partake in a few demos and even learned a thing or two about games. Though I am personally not a hardcore gamer, all that goes on in the gaming world fascinates me. It may be something as simple as a traditional board game that people are involved in, to sitting in front of a computer all the way up to full body costumes as they reenact the game in live role-play. As I was watching some live action role play or LARP, I could see this Gungan who felt a little out of place getting involved with something like this if I ever chose to. Dressing up and entering a world of fantasy is something, as you all know I am accustomed to in a galaxy far, far away.

Anyways as I continued my adventure through GenCon this year I as always stop and take a look at the artist area. I love seeing the variety of artwork from sketches, drawings, paintings to sculpture that make their way to these shows. I was hoping to find some sci-fi fantasy furry/furdome art but this year is was limited and I did not see anything that really caught my attention to make me warrant a purchase. But there are other shows.

As I wondered around taking in all the sights, sounds and yes smells I saw many costumes that people dressed up in and I wish more people would dress up and have fun. I ran into my local 501st Bloodfin Garrison and Rebel Legion MosEspa Base family. Being a part of both groups of course I had to stop and say hello and take pictures. Many have asked why I do not troop at GenCon. I am at GenCon more on a business level taking pictures and reporting the event. There are certain responsibilities that I must endure and give up on trooping for this event. Though I perhaps could take out a few hours from the four days of adventure to do so but I choose not to and honor my press credentials. Besides someone has to document what is going on at GenCon. As Vegas says "What Happens At GenCon Stays At GenCon." Trust me not everything at GenCon is 100% family friendly. 

There are some really neat exhibits and more to partake in. There was just so much to see and do that I was not able to see everything that I have hoped for. This year all the major hotels had events and more going on. But what I hear from other people is that they were all a fun and joyful experience

What I saw in the gaming world this weekend I can tell you it is going stronger than ever and the future of games for this next year to whenever is ever growing and there is going to be something for everyone no matter what your game level playing experience may be. 

Overall the three days I spent at taking in all I could and taking pictures for this report is very tiring. With all the walking around from place to place trying to take in all that one can in such a short time I do have to say that my new footwear the KSO Trek Shoes (black) provided by Vibram FiveFingers kept my feet very comfortable. Thank you Kevin for allowing me to demo and try out these shoes for you. You may say these shoes look funny with the individual toes but I can say from my experience they are very comfortable and it feels like you are walking on air barefoot. 

Until next year troops keep those dice, game pieces, controllers or magic spell in hand and play the night away in a world of gaming and fantasy. Your imagination is your only limit in this world.

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