August 19, 2007
Story by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)
So what does the Midwest have to do with gaming? Just about everything it would seem. Gen Con Indy is the best gaming convention in the world. For nearly 40 years Gen Con Indy has been setting the trend in the gaming circuit. Last year, more than 26,000 unique attendees experienced Gen Con Indy. It is said that there is simply too much to do, see and experience. There are among my favorites the art exhibits to costumes, auctions, RPGs and just about everything within the gaming industry. You can check out the newest games and get a sneak peek what is in store for the future.

It's possible that this year is the largest Gen Con Indy has ever been. Usually the exhibitors hall takes up halls D and C, instead this year it took up Halls A, B, C and D. That was just the exhibitor’s hall. The rest of the rooms at the Indianapolis Convention Center were just about all used up for gaming tournaments, gaming, gaming and more gaming. There were also some rooms for children, relaxing and more but it was mostly gaming. It seemed wherever you would venture to in this convention, you were shoulder to shoulder with people. It was very packed this year.

While walking around I viewed a few game demos, talked to some fans, looked at some odds and ends, and even bought two furry art prints for my furry collection. I talked and mingled with some people and did some networking.

So what does Gen Con have to do with a Star Wars site? I can answer that with this. WizKids announced their next installment of the WizKids Star Wars Pocket Models, Ground Assault. Ground Assault focuses on Stars Wars ground vehicles such as the AT-AT, Spider Droid, and more. Gen Con Indy attendees got the chance to play Star Wars Ground Assault before the game hits store shelves this October. WizKids had a pre-release Star Wars tournament at their booth (#803) Friday, August 17th.

With the Ground Assault Booster Packs players can build their Star Wars fleet with all kinds of ground units, space units, or a mix of the two units. Each player to it’s own. Each Booster Pack will feature up to eight new Pocket Models of ground units and new space units as well as six all-new gaming cards. The premier ground unit of the set is the AT-AT the elite imperial fighting unit. The set also features a heavy battle droid theme with the Spider droids to Tank droid units.

The new playing cards include a number of new characters featuring one of the galaxies most elite fighting forces to the Ewoks, as well as new versions of favorites like Darth Vader, Yoda and Obi-Wan.

The Star Wars Pocket Model Game has revolutionized the collectible trading card genre by bringing card games into the third dimension. The game lets Star Wars fans enjoy a complete Star Wars experience, as they are able to collect and build Star Wars vehicles that are played in entertaining ways with cards featuring favorite characters, vehicles and scenes from the entire Star Wars Saga. Players use the cards to control their fleets as they attempt to destroy each other’s objectives.

This easy-to-learn game is simple enough kids but features enough depth of strategy to appeal to adults, making it possible for fans of all generations to share and enjoy battling for control of the galaxy! To learn more visit

Also among the crowds at Gen Con Indy was The Force Among Us. If you do not know what The Force Among Us is you must have been hibernating on Dagobah. The Force Among Us Panel was held Saturday at 6:00 PM at the Westin Hotel in the Congress Room. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this panel. Be sure to visit their website for all the up to date information

If you are a 501st member I hope you got to go to the Saturday hookup at the RAM. The 501st along with the local Bloodfin Garrison all met up there to hang out. Again, I was not able to attend but I heard it was an imperialistic good old time!

After Four Days of non-stop gaming in Indianapolis, Gen Con Indy is now over. Until next year keep those dice rolling, keep those cards flying, move your miniatures, and play, play, play!

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