Today I decided to attend GenCon Indy 2004 (August 19 – 22) here in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a nice day, sunny and warm about 70 degrees. As I walked into the Indianapolis Convention Center a very Large Star Wars Display that had “The Clone Wars” General Grievous and Yoda on it welcomed me. Mary Franklin is here in Indy but today she is not at the convention. I did see her on Thursday while I was downtown. We said hello to each other and talk for a few minutes then went on our way. There was also a rumor floating around that Steven Sansweet was also attending but I could not confirm it.


For those of you who do not know what GenCon is here is the rundown. GenCon in its 37th year is the world’s largest gaming convention. The gaming marathon / 3.5 day event caters to enthusiasts of video games, card games, miniature games, role-playing games, and other type of games. Everything that a hardcore gamer would want and more. Tickets are $27.00 at the door for one day or $70.00 at the door for a four-day pass. All gaming events are running 24 hours until Sunday 4pm at closing time.


So I walked around the Convention Center passing up all the gaming tables, setups, etc. RPG, Card, other gaming does not interest me. There was a neat display of people creating some sort of Dragon Creature in the hallway. I did spend my time walking mostly around the Exhibit Hall. In the Exhibit Hall I talked to a few Star Wars fans and met some people who I have talked to on the various internet forums. Many were very happy to finally meet me in person. One guy told me that I am the one that everyone loves to hate just because I am a Jar Jar Binks fan. We laughed at that. He also said that he misses my presence of one of the internet forums that I no longer visit. I also ran into a few people who I have not seen in years. It was nice to see them again. Of course I told all of them to check out


There were a few people dressed up in Star Wars costumes. The concept Clone Wars Clonetrooper seemed interesting. Under that black helmet was one of the few girls in the Star Wars community who dress up. There were also two other girls dressed as Imperial Officers. So three girls dressing up as characters from the Star Wars universe. To my knowledge that is amazing.


As I walked around I went to the Wizards World booth to pick up my Star Wars Miniature of the Wookie Soldier. Now that I have this item I am already hooked on wanting to purchase these little minis when they come out on September 13, 2004.


Paizo Publishing was attending. Lisa Stevens and Vic Wertz were there along with other team members and the Undefeated Cheerleaders.


While I was walking around the Exhibit Hall I did get in line to acquire two more autographs for my ever-growing autograph collection. I got Walter Koenig best know for his role in Star Trek and Chekov and Linda Blair know for her role as Regan in the Exorcist. It was nice to meet these two in person and get a sign autograph from each of them. Other Stars in attendance are David Carradine of Kung Fu and Kill Bill, Gerard and Erin Grey of Buck Rogers, Richard LeParmentier Star Wars Admiral Motti, and some others.


While I was walking around the Exhibit Hall I saw lots of things from gaming, toys, cards, weapons and props, and more. Most of it I had no idea what it was since I am not a RPG gamer. I basically attended just to get the free stuff that was offered and to acquire the two autographs.


To find out more about GenCon go to their site


Hope you enjoy the pictures I took while I attended GenCon Indy 2004.


     - David (Boba Binks) Syczylo



Story & Photos by David (Boba Binks) Syczylo