Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
The Official GenCon So Cal Website
December 2-5, 2004
Story by Adam Silva, Jr. (Sand Snipe)


Here are the times and dates for this show...

  • Thursday, December 2, 10am to 6pm
  • Friday, December 3, 10am to 6pm
  • Saturday, December 4, 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday, December 5, 10am to 4pm

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Well, as I'm approaching the convention center I see everyone big and small running to this building, and I ask myself "Why?" Maybe it's because they needed the exercise, but no, they were running to Gen Con So Cal.

Upon entering I hear everyone talking about card strategies and how they are going to collect every card, and that’s just the adults. After we got our badges we went straight for the mini Star Wars Pavilion which was on the other side. I was surprised I didn’t see too many people in costumes but then again, this place was small. After passing row after row of card game tables we finally we arrive at the Pavilion. It was the best I ever seen… a whole three booths.

The first place my mom (RJP aka RogueJediPrincess) and I went to was Randy Martinez’s booth. He’s the one who drew several comics featured in Star Wars Insider Magazine. We looked at some of his artwork and soon we got to talking. We pretty much talked about the whole convention and how it was small and not too many people were at the pavilion. Well, since no one really was there, we talked for about half an hour until I had to do something else. We came back later and he was doing free sketches of people, he made me a Sandtrooper on a Dewback. You can view more of his artwork on his website.

After that we went over to get a picture with Ray Park. To my surprise he remembered us from Comic Con. We talked a little but not much because there was people waiting to see him. But we got to see his Martial arts video when no one was around. He must have been bored because he got a pole and was swinging it around and Him and Daniel Logan were jumping around, fooling with colored contacts and just having plain fun. It was great!

There was also a small booth with the SW card game. There, they pretty much had a case full of each character they made, which there are only sixty of them. This part was no big deal to me compared to were I was going next.

Well, I had to go where every kid has to go, the video game booth. Here they had Republic Commando, KOTOR 2, SW Galaxies Jump to Hyperspace and the new game Mercenaries.

I got to play Star Wars Galaxies, Jump to Hyperspace first. It is an expansion pack to the regular Galaxies that now enables you to fly in space. In space you can blow up other ships and get their “loot.” The loot is actually ship parts that you can gather after you blow up a ship, and after you collect loot you can customize your own ship. You can actually make your own ship! I started talking to the Woman who was tester of the game but a nerd interrupted us and he complained about how it ruined his life and I hate that crap so I left.

Next I went to play KOTOR 2. There I met Sony Green, he was one of the lead developers of the game and we talked and he told me about the game. Too bad I haven’t played the first one so I really don’t know what’s different unless Sony told me. I played only for a bit and I played as a Droid and I was able to talk to other Droids. One different thing Sony told me was that you can pause in the middle of battle and equip your party or change into a different party member. He also told me that the Droid were going to speak basic and say funny things to each other but the editors cut that out. Off to another game…

I played Mercenaries and that is pretty much a total destruction game, it’s good and it’s based on the same engine as Battle Front so Battle Front fans will learn the controls easy. If you love to blow up stuff, this is a game for you!

The highlight of my gaming experience was Republic Commando. I played this for a while and another tester from Lucas Arts was telling me things while I played. In the game you have three teammates who are surprisingly really helpful. They all chat to each other like “How many have you killed Psycho?” “A lot more than you smart mouth!” They also talk about how they were pod buddies and how they were raised together. All that time knowing each other and they still talk bad about each other. Everyone has a machine gun, a sniper, a grenade launcher and a blaster pistol, not to forget the famous melee weapon, the knife. The cool part about the guns is besides the pistol, you use the same gun but change the barrel. You also have grenades, a flash bang, a regular one and one that breaks shields. One of your friends is a psycho who kills a lot of robots with the melee weapon, the other is a smart mouth and the last guy is very “By the book”. A great part is the game play, which allows you to command your teammates and they will do the command even if it’s all the way across the room. Like hack that computer or open the door, leaving you to rest or stock up on supplies. Another is that if you die they can revive you without having a medic kit. You can do the same too. Everyone’s favorite is the secure door command. They put a mine on the door, forcing the door to open, and then someone throws a grenade inside. That’s just one command! You can also use the environment to your advantage. Say there is a hanging box, you can shoot the wire and it will fall down on anyone who’s underneath it. One more thing, your teammates will duck out of the way if you accidentally shoot them, but if you kill your friend on purpose and they know it, a teammate will revive him and he’ll kill you! They also say something like “He must be a copy made from a copy!” after they kill you. This is a great game and I now really want an Xbox!

The last thing we did in the Pavilion was talk to Mary Franklin who is the head of SW fan events. She was doing a question and answer session but no one was asking her anything. So to be nice, I asked her if Boba Fett was going to be in Episode 3. She wouldn’t tell any Episode 3 info except that the spoiler book was going to be released on April 2nd. Then she paused and said “Wait, I know you guys from the Mother-Son tag team article you sent into Bantha Tracks!” We were so surprised that she actually read it and knew who we were! She also told us some possible C3 events. Remember these are all possible events and are not confirmed. The R2-D2 builders will be there with their fully functional droids and they might arrange a droid obstacle course. The 501st wants to have a Trooper Olympics. Randy also mentioned to us that they might have a large canvas, and each artists at C3 does a square and it will be auctioned off for charity. The will also sell prints of it probably on

The last thing we did was check out the Card Gaming area. There was row after row of tables, people aging between ten and forty, all playing Pokemon or something like that. There were some statues there, like a huge Bat Man Bust and a Spiderman hanging from the ceiling. They also had some cool characters out by the stage. There was a kid’s section behind the card gaming area. That was fun for me to watch. The had a bouncy house, a thing with Velcro on it and the kids wear Velcro suits and they stick to the wall, and my favorite, the kid dueling arena. There little kids slaughtered each other with padded fighting sticks.

That’s it from Gen Con, Snipe signing off!