To Die For Games, Indianapolis, IN
Novemeber 11, 2006
Story by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)
Photos by David Syczylo


On Saturday November 11th, 2006 it was cold and wet and the Indianapolis, Indiana 501st Garrison, Bloodfin descended on a little game store in Indianapolis called Games To Die For. The call had gone out that there would be plenty of Star Wars events and money given to the local children's hospital (Riley Children's Hospital) that day as well. To everyone's surprise the CO of Riley made an appearance and took pictures with the troops while she thanked them all while shaking each and everyone's hand for coming out in the cold for this worthwhile cause.

The Bloodfin garrison answered the call, with 16 troopers descending upon the little store. Even though the game store was the main focus of the day since they were promoting the Star Wars miniature game Bloodfin gave all the stores in the strip mall a healthy dose of Imperial presence since most of the stores were participating in the Riley day and help donate money to the hospital.

Some troopers not only patrolled the area for Rebels but got to help serve food, take orders, and even help wash the dishes while others (those lazy TIE pilots got to sit around and look pretty). All in all the troopers and the patrons (especially the children) had a load of fun and loved the Imperial presence that kept the peace and made sure those pesky rebels did not show up to ruin the event.

So another good trooping event promoted Star Wars and raised several hundred dollars for a good cause. All in a days work for the local boys and girls of the 501st. Afterwards some of the troopers shed their uniforms and headed out for a bite to eat at a local deli. There they sat around talking and having fun as the Imperials usually do. We are proud of our brethren for helping out on a good cause.

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