October 16, 2010
Story by: David Syczylo a.k.a Boba Binks Photos: TD2817


At the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo you can connect with 1,500 amazing animals on 38 beautifully landscaped acres. The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is an adventure for the whole family. But wait what is that? Do I see an Imperial Transport over there? Yes the Northern Darkness Squad of the Bloodfin Garrison landed at the zoo for a fun afternoon filled with candy, a costume parade, a visit to the Mummy's Kitchen and the Beauty Shop of Horrors, dancing the Monster Mash, seeing animals munching on pumpkin treats, and much more!

Yes this trooper drove up to Ft. Wayne Indiana for an afternoon at the zoo trooping with my fellow Bloodfin family. It was a fun time to be had by all and not only did the parents have fun so did the children. There was a Sandtrooper, Royal Guard, a crazy Tusken and more there even was a special Jedi present. No not Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker or even Master Yoda, no this Jedi made his way out of hiding to mingle with the kids, his name is Jedi Master Jaga. A Jaguar Jedi that only comes out at zoo related events. He received so many hugs from the kids that he is all hugged out until next time.

There were all sorts of costumes worn by the kids from Clone Troopers, Darth Vader to Fairies, Commandos and Ninjas, oh my!

Thank you to the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo and The Northern Darkness Squad of Bloodfin for making a successful event. Have a safe and Happy Halloween..

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