Graham Cracker Comics, Wheaton, IL
May 5, 2007
Story by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)
Photos by Chris Mazzoni (TK4117)


The world as we know it revolves around money. Everything in life costs you something, but today was different as the first Saturday in May is known as Free Comic Book Day. Last year we covered the event in Champaign, IL, and this year we were honored to cover it at Graham Cracker Comics in Wheaton, IL.  Only a small handful of loyal Imperial servants from the Midwest Garrison showed up at the store, but it was more than enough to keep the store employees and customers at bay. The Empire initially sent a stormtrooper (TK4117) and sandtrooper (dustrho) to inspect the place, and communication was then relayed to bring in Darth Maul and later on Darth Vader. With the small force at hand, the building would be secure from any Rebellion attack.

The morning started off slow for us, with the occasional customer or two coming in, but after an hour or so things started picking up for us. I was only able to hang around for a couple of hours, and of course once I got out of my armor the store was very crowded with customers. While I was there, though, most people were more interested in getting their free comic books, instead of hanging out with us and getting their pictures taken with us. That didn't bother me one bit, but what did somewhat bother me was that I didn't see any customers walk close to where the Star Wars comic books were on display. What does that tell you? Could it be that Star Wars comics aren't interesting anymore to children and adults? It could be, especially since Spider Man 3 just came out in theaters.

Anyway, from the photos that were taken after my departure, it looks like the day was a success. Everyone got their free comic books, we had another opportunity of wearing our costumes in public, and the store owner had to have a decent day in sales. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

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