Champaign, IL
May 8, 2006
Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


As many of you know Free Comic Book day was Saturday May 8th, 2006. This is truly a magnificent idea on the part of comic book distributors across the country to take part and invite future generations of collectors into their hobby, albeit one day for free! From titles like Superman, Justice League, G. I. Joe Sigma 6 and yes you guessed it, Star Wars! Members of the Midwest Garrison were dispatched to several locations yesterday, we received several photos from a Bounty Hunter known as BH-4265.

Their location was Champaign, IL and the venue was G-Mart Comic Books. While the Boba Fett costume was a great attraction, there were several Stormtroopers, a very dirty Sandtrooper and an Imperial Officer to help create a better atmosphere for those attending Free Comic Book day. Doug Wangler, the model for Darkhorse Character Quinlan Vos was also on hand to assist with the festivities. It looked like they all had a great time clowning around the streets of downtown Champaign. The main Star Wars title was called Routine Valor which features Commander Cody and a squad of Clone Troopers performing a Siege on the Planet Sarrish. There are also several other previews to lure you to future Darkhorse titles such as Legacy which is set 100 years beyond everything you know about Star Wars.

What can you say about another great script by John Ostrander and what is sure to be another superb performance by pencil from Jan Duursema. It is too bad Hasbro doesn't do free action figure day, although that could be a bit costly. I just think this is a brilliant way to bring in new collectors into the fold. I did notice the Star Wars issue flips upside-down and shares the same book with Conan. For those of us who can't simply get enough of Commander Cody, you may want to run out and see if your local store still has a copy laying around! Special thanks to the members of the Midwest Garrison for the photos from their mission.

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