Aurora, IL
February 17, 2007
Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)
Photos by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)


Today we had an opportunity to take part in the Star Wars documentary The Force Among Us. When we were first contacted about this project several months ago, I can’t say how intrigued I was about the chance to play a role in this film. The project is going to help show how much of a role the fans play into the Empire that is Star Wars. While there will be several other websites interviewed for this film, we did our best to utilize this opportunity the best we can to recruit new members. From the clandestine bunker of our own S.C.A.L.P. Weapons supplier, the team of Cortney and Cristian Macht took part in a multi-part interview in which we did our very best to showcase the many talents of and it’s well rounded staff.

It was truly impressive to be able to assemble nearly our entire roster for this interview. The team of Dustrho, Sandtrooper Dan, Boba Binks, Recon Sgt. and Jedi Scholar 8 helped me paint a picture that we hope will spread our message of unity among collectors. The diorama team, graphic artists and writers that give so many hours of their time for the benefit of our readers was shot like a normal 9 to 5 workday. Sandtrooper Dan and Recon Sgt. did a great job of bringing enough “props” to help illustrate one of the more creative aspects of our site. Boba Binks was able to lift the two massive portfolios he has complied over the past few years in an effort to show some of the highlights of our images section. Whether it’s a new action figure, a Star Wars convention or event, or showcasing the creative talents of diorama building and custom figure making, we tried to leave no stone unturned.

I think overall we were pretty over-whelmed by the professionalism of the crew. When I was first contacted I thought we’d be dealing with a few people with handi-cams, but when I saw the van, boom microphones and all the lighting I realized the immense potential of the project. I have never been filmed before and I have to say I think the crew handled their nerves very well. It’s pretty hard to perform and I can really say I have a new found respect for the craft of acting! This film slated to be released in May 2007 will strive to dispel some of the urban legends and myths of Star Wars collecting. I look forward to the finished project and am very anxious to see not only how we appear but the overall project. We hope you Troopers get the chance to view this documentary but in the mean time we’re going to provide a photo gallery from the film shoot today.

To see the photo gallery containing 58 photos click here.