August 30, 2007
Story & Photos by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)


On Thursday, August 30th, 2007 Star Wars Fans who have not been hiding under a rock knew about a special red carpet event for “The Force Among Us” in Woodridge, Illinois at the Hollywood Blvd. Theater and eatery. Fans young and old all stood outside waiting to get in. Some members of the 501st showed up in style dressed as Jedi to Sith and even a Bounty Hunter.

A limo arrived at 6:30pm for first public screening of the film. Director Cristian Macht along with sister / producer Courtney Macht showed up in style. The Star Wars fans and supporters greeted them with a loud round of thunderous applause and cheering.

The Forcecast's own Jason Swank, Pete Nadel, and Jimmy Mac were on hand as well was Chicago’s Super station WGN 9 news which provided television coverage from the sold out theater. The Machts’ mother who made the trip from Florida as well as many members of their family treated them with a surprise visit.

Before the premier showing of “The Force Among Us” Cristian addressed the crowd and offered a toast to all the efforts involved in the production of his documentary. The film was very well received by the audience and a festive post-movie party took place immediately afterwards in the lobby.

And yes the crowd had a genuine reaction to David (Boba Binks) comment about how Jar Jar Binks is his favorite character and being the greatest Star Wars character of all time. As he has said numerous times “Jar Jar makes his mistakes but he genuinely tries. At the end of the day he will stand by your side and fight for good.” Remember this! Without Jar Jar Binks there would be no Empire that many love. If it were not for Jar Jar Binks standing up (being tricked) into suggesting that the Chancellor receives supreme control things could have turned out much differently. The Jedi could be running the Universe.

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PS. Yes David Syczylo was misspelled in the credits.

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