May 19, 2009
Story by PJ Rendel (Jaing Skirata)


Last night Manda'galaar trooped the Fanboys DVD release party along with the 501st and rebel legion. This event was started when Kyle Newman emailed me and asked us to be there. Of course I was stoked and said, "yes" emphatically! I also asked if we could invite the 501st and Rebel Legion to join us. He had no contacts with them and he replied with an emphatic "yes!" of his own.  I contacted Jarrrell Naas, the mmcc 501st west coast liaison and put out a request for 10 members of each group to attend and they did!

As soon as we arrived, I was approached by the 501st's Vader and the Rebel Legion Slave Leia, both of whom I failed to get contact info for and hope to track them down and keep in touch with both. Both thanked me for getting the event and inviting them to participate. Throughout the night, I was approached by many members of both groups and thanked as well. The overall feeling was great and I think positive bridges were built that will carry on into the future.

Sadly, by the time we made it into the store, the movie was sold out. Not to worry though, I hit a Wal-Mart on the way home and grabbed my copy!

The event was a blast; costumer, fan and celebrities were in great moods and interact freely! We managed to pose for several pix with the 501st and rebel legion as well as dozens with fans and stars. Sadly, we had no one out of armor with us to take more pix for us. The official site was at the event and conducted fan interviews and too several pix of all the characters for the official website!

Here are a few pix, from vid sybot, of the event. Hopefully I will have more to put up soon from my brother's camera, ce''jos camera and any I can get from our friends in the two legions!

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