State Fairgrounds, St. Paul, MN
October 8, 2006
Story and Photos by gran3131 & Hothchad


Well troopers, Hothchad and I had the Dewbacks out on full patrol this weekend for Fallcon 2006. This is an annual two day event held on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in the Education building. The event it self had a ton of comic dealers, a few panels, artists, art shows, and a huge crowd. As you may have guessed the main focus of this event was comics, and if you were in need of one particular comic book I have no doubt that you would have found it.

In the area of Star Wars dealers this event pretty much had the same dealers as the previous conventions. However, there was one new dealer who had some very good prices. A few Clone Wars figure were to be found; some of these included the Yoda and Yellow Clone 2 pack for $17, Animated Red Clone Trooper, in what looked to be almost perfect condition for $25, and the Jedi Knight Army 3 pack for $20. Some of the most interesting items of note were vintage carded figures of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. If you were looking for ships you would not have left disappointed. Both Vintage and POTF AT-AT walkers were for sale, as well as A-Wings, Gunships, and Tie interceptors. A few master replicas saber including the new Obi Wan Fx saber were also at the show. One big disappointment was that there was not a single Star Wars statue to be found, however, there was a load of Marvel statues and busts. This convention offered some pretty decent prices and as good as one could expect from a convention like this.

Fallcon was a great way to spend a few hours this weekend. There was a $10 fee to get in, but that was reduced to $9 if you brought a can food item. The fee was a little much, but when you think about it, you could find some great stuff and the first 500 people on Saturday and 250 people on Sunday got a free grab bag; so it was worth it. The convention also offers a charity auction in which you could bid on some art work and a couple different figures and statues. The show offered a variety of different comic artist one of them being the very popular artist named Adam Hughes. Adam is very recognizable in the Comic Book community and has worked on multiple Star Wars projects including the covers of the Brand New Star Wars Legacy comics. At the convention I was able to talk to Hothchad and Hamsalad about our great hobby and that in itself is worth the trip. The 2006 year for Minnesota Conventions is coming to a close, but in 2007 all the same conventions from Marscon to Fallcon will be going on and hopefully some more troopers can load up their Dewbacks and attend the shows. United We Find.

Hit the Fallcon show today, and met up with Gran. We talked shop for while and then strolled around the show. There was not a lot of SW, but this was not the focus of the show. One dealer had some pretty reasonable prices and I was able to find some stuff at his booth; I got a 300th Boba Fett for $10 and a VOTC Chewbacca for $7. He also had a vintage Max Rebo Band set for $120; it had a very beat up box and yellow bubble. Another dealer had quite a bit of stuff, but was pretty high on his prices. I did pick up a POTJ clean Biker Scout for $5 and an AOTC Tyranus with speeder for $20, a little on the high end but I wanted it. He also had a CW Red ARC Trooper on a very good card for $40. I have seen this dealer before and a lot of the stuff he had was pretty much the same as the show he was at earlier in the year. He did, however, have a Naboo pilot and others from the new wave. I did see one dealer that had some vintage carded figures and he also had what seemed to be reprocarded figures for $30 each. Didn't claim either way as far as a sign goes, but the cards and bubbles were just to perfect to be originals and the price was way too cheap. There were a handful of other dealers that had some SW items and it seems that when I do get a chance to go to a show, I manage to find something.

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