Dreamtime Collectibles, Schereville, IN
October 28-29, 2006
Story & Photos by Pat Newell (Jedi Scholar 8)

With Halloween right around the corner, it seems like everyone is having some kind of party to celebrate the occasion. However, there is no one else I know of who throws a party like this! Wade, owner of Dreamtime Collectibles in Schererville, Indiana, held one kickin' party on October 28th and 29th. Located just a couple of blocks from my house, and one of my favorite places to find older Star Wars items, I had to stop by.

As I came upon his store, I saw a bright banner on the roadside advertising the presence of the 501st Legion, who were to be attending this festive party! Inside, party goers aplenty were on hand to buy some new items, sell some older ones, and perhaps bask in the Glory of the Empire as they descended on this hallowed store! There was free pizza, pop and cake to be had, prizes given out, and costumes galore!

I stopped in the store three separate times on Saturday hoping to snap some pictures of the 501st from the Bloodfin Garrison, but was disappointed that they had not arrived when anticipated. I did however get to see plenty of kids run around in costume, drooling over the many wares of Dreamtime Collectibles. Wade's store has a variety of items to appeal to any collector, from comic books to Star Wars toys, G.I. Joe to Heroclix, Marvel Legends to toys from EVERYONE'S childhood! Best of all, though, was Wade's high spirited attitude! Despite the lack of 501st presence, Wade made sure everyone had fun. More children and parents took home free items than were bought, as Wade would rather eat the cost on something if it puts a smile on a child's face! Bargains on other items can be made at any time, as no price is ever final.

It was a fun time, even though this Trooper was being good by not buying everything in the store, as I sometimes go broke at Dreamtime. Instead, I had fun with the many revelers in attendance. If anyone is ever in the Northwest Indiana area, I always encourage them to stop by Wade's store and look around. Even if you don't find what you are looking for, Wade makes you feel at home and like you visited a long time friend. His commitment to a child's joy is remarkable, and I am glad to have him and his business in our area! Enjoy the pictures, and Happy Halloween!

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