Atlanta, GA
September 1, 2006
Story and Photos by Derek Johnson (Darth Pharaoh)


Well, I finally got off the couch and decided to get to a con! Can’t say I fed the Dewback and headed out as I was already at work and Dragon-Con is just a 2-block walk. But hey, it’s nice to have convenience. I’ve learned a lot in a short afternoon. Mostly what not to do for a con.

It started with the fact that I will always pre-register if I want to go. Dragon-Con has a nice simple triple line system for people who didn’t register ahead of time. First you stand in line to pay, then to another line to register for your badge, then a third to pick up your badge. What a fun way to start!

After that things started to settle in. I went to the main hall outside the registration and lo and behold, lots of interesting people watching. I pulled out the camera and started shooting!! There was a little of everything but Star Wars definitely has a strong presence here. The 501st even has a table setup for info and a "Droid Hunt" so non-costumers can get in on the fun! Too long to explain here, but essentially it’s a complicated but fun way to get in on a prize drawing.

There are a ton of vendors in a couple of huge halls with all the over-priced things you could possibly want to buy. It was here where I learned my second lesson. Always make sure your camera works properly before you head out! While trying to take some more pictures, my camera stopped focusing! Got an error message and that was the end of pictures for day one!

That being said, I was still on a short schedule this afternoon but still had time to kill before Anthony Daniels appearance. So it was off to see some comic book artists and watch them do their thing. It was pretty neat watching how they create. Even if it wasn’t Star Wars!

Then it was time to see Mr. 3PO. That’s when I learned my third and final lesson of the day. Always know EXACTLY where you have to go ahead of time! Goldenrod was going to be in the International South room. Great, I’m on the International level! Ha, after even the Marriott employees pointed me in the wrong direction for 10 minutes I finally found out...I was in the wrong hotel. I needed the International level of the Hyatt across the street. Sadly, by now I had to get going. So after accomplishing nearly nothing for the day I felt like a Stormtrooper trying to shoot Han Solo. Always missing!! Oh well there’s always another day!

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