October 23,  2010
Story & Photos: Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


Since 1979 artist Dave Dorman has been a part of the Star Wars community.  The work he has done for the past thirty years can be awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping if you are not familiar with his work. I have seen a lot of good artwork in my years of Star Wars collecting, and I can tell you first hand they don't come much better than Dave Dorman.  Whether it's Dewback Patrol, Incident on the Jundland Wastes or any of the other exclusive prints he's done for past Star Wars Celebrations, the art of Dave Dorman will captivate and ignite you love for the Star Wars Saga like no other.

There were eight members of the local Midwest Garrison & Rebel Legion that would come out for costumed support for the event.  Rebels and Imperials working hand-in-hand towards a common goal! We got to entertain the kids in line while Dave took the time to speak with many aspiring artists about technique, materials and any other questions they could deliver. We even got a surprise guest as Cynthia Cummings stopped by to chat with Dave and his family. Even though the event was just a few hours, that's all you need to work up a sweat in a suit of armor!  We put our few hours in and parted ways to go have lunch and hang out at a local restaurant. In fact, we were honored the Rebels chose to join us for some refreshment!  Events like this are a lot of fun because you get to relax a little more and you don't wear yourself down like you do at a major convention or show. Until our next ride, United We Find!

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