Plano, TX
Story and Photos by Walt Crowley Jr. (Phenix / TD5491)


Six months ago I was contacted by Stephen Davenport, a fellow 501st Brother and asked if I could make three Pink Royal Guard custom carded action figures to be auctioned off by Steve Sansweet at SWFD this year. I agreed to do them as my donation to the cause. We were all also asked to add pink to our costumes in some form and so the Pink Squad was born.

Steve Sansweet had to approve the images before they were made into card form so after the okay was given, the project began. Besides the cards, there was also a bake sale, pink Darth Vader buckets to take donations as well as stickers and ribbons.

I also had a plan to get a back card images signed by as many Star Wars celebs as possible to later be auctioned off ONLY on the 501st Legion Board. My custom card was featured and was linked to the Fan Days' auction page. It was third on the top row alongside the signed George Lucas card that was up for auction. The total money raised was $1,510, $600 of which was for the custom cards which sold for $300 a piece. I did shoot a brief video which can be viewed below.

It was a great thing to be apart of and it all happened so fast. Until then, this is Pink Trooper signing off for a much need break.

Walt / Phenix / TD 5491
Public Relations Officer / Charity Liason
Bast Alpha Garrison

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