February 13, 2010
Story by David Syczylo a.k.a Boba Binks Photos: "Missy"


At the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana the local Bloodfin Garrison of the 501st and Mos Espa Base of Rebel Legion trooped for the families who came to visit the museum on a special pre-Valentine's evening. There just wasn't characters from Star Wars, but there was Bob the Builder, A couple of Salsa Dancers who were teaching people how to Salsa to Barbie and other museum type characters. You could say it was a real "A Night At The Museum!"

As the families came into the museum they were treated to a lovely Valentine's evening dinner and had time to walk the museum. Many of the children were dressed up as well. 

Though only a small crowd of people it was fun to walk around and mingle. Truth be told, it is always nice to suit up in armor. For me it was the first time I have had the chance to suit up in hard armor since my reconstructive knee surgery. It was the chance I have been looking for to give my TK (Stormtrooper) armor a working test since I just made some modifications. Just two little things I need to adjust and my armor will be the way I want it to fit.

Some of the troopers even had a little too much fun at the museum. Hey are they posing with a cardboard cutout of Barbie? Oh my I bet Mattel Toys does not like those Hasbro boys flirting with Barbie. Two rival toy companies you know. But alas, Star Wars prevailed. 

As you can see our Sandtrooper was ready to take the last train out but got sidetracked by a baby dinosaur. Sorry, you cannot take that back to base with you. Well as always it was a pleasure and honor to trooper at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Remember they have extended the Clone Wars exhibit for a few extra months. If you have not seen it yet you better hurry.

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