June 6, 2009
Story & Photos by David Syczylo a.k.a Boba Binks


When: Saturday June 6th, 2009
Saturday July 4th, 2009
Saturday August 1st, 2009 (BIG EVENT DAY!) You have to attend to find out what this is all about, or wait for the report to come in.

As you may have heard currently running at the Indianapolis Children's Museum is the Clone Wars exhibit that I reported on earlier.

For three scheduled Saturdays the Bloodfin Garrison and Rebel Legion will team up to troop and interact with the attendees of the museum in full force. You can come and see Darth Vader and his troopers to Obi-Wan in Clone armor, Rebel Fleet Troopers and more!! But be careful Jango Fett is lurking about so you better be on your best behavior while at the museum or he may take you in.

As I gathered my TX armor (Blackhole Stormtrooper) the night before the first of three Saturday events at the Children's Museum there was a stir in me. I have never trooped in my Blackhole Stormtrooper armor so this was going to be a first for me. It was a test to see if I fit it all properly and whatnot. I did find out that I do have to make a small change to the forearm pieces so that they do not pinch so much. Upon suiting up I was told that I was not only all nice and shinny but scary as well. Not many people have ever seen the black armor. There is something about wear black that makes you feel powerful. As both Imperials and Rebels entered the museum in all of our glory the fun began. Several of us walked around the main entrance hall of the museum as others walked around the museum itself. All of us as any trooping event had to stop and take many pictures with the fans.

As it was Star Wars Days at the Museum there were a few little Star Wars related activities for the kids. One was Jedi Fitness where a Master Jedi would teach the Padawan's some Jedi Fitness techniques while using their lightsabers.

This trooper had to take a break and suit down for a while since the old back was tensing up. So I took this opportunity to take some pictures of what was going on with the troopers. After my break I suited back up and again the Black Stormtrooper was walking the museum. Do not know what it was but there is something about the black armor that people seemed to like. One very memorable comment I will remember is that a little boy and his mother came up to me to take a picture. The mother asked me why my armor was black. Before I could say anything the little boy replied and said, "This is what TIE Fighters wear when they are not flying around in their airplanes." That to me was a brilliant understand of this armor from such a small child. He understood that TIE pilots who were black could also be Stormtroopers. As Master Yoda once said to Obi-Wan Kenobi "Truly amazing, the mind of a child."

Overall after a long day of successful trooping at the museum both Imperials and Rebels were a wonderful presence. Looking forward to the next two scheduled Saturdays at the museum.

After the museum many of us headed over to the first annual home team celebrity softball challenge benefiting Indiana's Children's Wish Fund at Victory Field. There the troops mingled with the crowd to make some people smile. I did not suit up for this instead I took pictures. Again just having the troops there really made many people's day and just seeing them smile made it all worthwhile. A great big thank you to all the troopers and people who made a great day. 

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