March 23, 2009
Story & Photos by David Syczylo a.k.a Boba Binks


Hello Troops! Let me take you through an experience that I had today. I mounted up and took the old Dewback downtown to check out the opening of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars exhibit here in Indianapolis. Upon entering the museum you stand in the midst of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Star Fighter from Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones. This is the same Starfighter that was on display a long time ago in 2002 at Star Wars Celebration II that was also held here in Indianapolis. You walk under the Starfighter to get in line to purchase your admission ticket to the museum. The good thing about the Children's Museum is that the exhibits are included in the general admission unless noted. After you purchase your ticket you go down one level to view the small but adequate display of Star Wars items. I do not know how the museum was able to snag some of this stuff away from those pesky Jedi. Maybe there was some help from the Hutt's or maybe even a bounty hunter.

The first thing you see is a wall display of some old space toys and of course there are some star wars items. As you turn the corner the first prop you see is Jango Fett's helmet. I think this is a stunt helmet due to the lack of details but nonetheless it is that dead Bounty Hunters helmet and no his head is not inside. Along the walls of the display area there are some cutout of various Star Wars characters. Up ahead is a case with one of Mace Windu's outfits. I hope he is not missing it from his wardrobe. I would hate to have him come looking for it. You know that he can be one bad mother... um Jedi with a bad attitude. Next is a case that has some blasters and lightsabers in it.  At least if you do not know whom they belong to they are lettered and you can find whom they belong to on the chart.

Then we come to that fiend Padme Amidala. She has been a thorn in the side of good and the senate. One of her outfits is here as well. She has so many outfits she probably does not even know it is missing. Ah an image of Chancellor Palpatine. All should listen to his wisdom to end this war quickly. Long live Palpatine! Next is another display with sculpts of various characters from the Star Wars universe. These were used and translated into the computer as 3-D models. Before these were sculpted of course they had to be designed on paper first which you will see in a bit. As we continue we come to a case that has one of Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Robes when he was still just a Padawan. Knowing him he probably gave this robe to the exhibit. You know it is not cool to wear your Padawan outfit when you become a real Jedi. You have to upgrade with style or at least the best you can and still be within regulations of Jedi dress code.

Then as you track back you come to the wall that has several design concepts of various character along with the finalize form. If you look behind you there is the SpaceQuest Planetarium where you can escape and learn about the planets narrated by C-3P0 himself (Anthony Daniels). I did not partake in this so I do not know what it entails. Then the last display is a maquette of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. So you basically start and end this exhibit with Obi-Wan. If you look around the museum there are some other Star Wars related items about. One is of the Vintage Death Star Playset that is in the Comic Book area. As you leave you once again can take a look up to see Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter. I hope you enjoyed this little walkthrough of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. You have until January 31, 2010 to round up your troops and view these items yourself, you will not be disappointed. Until next time May The Force Be With You.

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