Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago, IL
November 25, 2005


It was a cold snowy night in the Chicagoland Metro area and the Midwest Garrison was scheduled to appear for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The theme for the concert was Movie music and the great John Williams would conduct it. We had quite an impressive turnout and the music lovers were pleased with our appearance as well. Led by Darth Vader, the Garrison had quite a few representatives present from the Galactic Empire. A platoon of Sandtroopers, an Imperial Officer, Asajj Ventress, Boba and Jango Fett as well as a couple TIE Pilots and Biker Scouts in case we had any hostiles. Only a few from the Rebel Legion made it out but Obi-Wan, Princess Leia, Aayla Secura, and a couple of other Jedi made some good entertainment for the fans out on Michigan Avenue.

We braved the weather and patrolled the outer perimeter and the lobbies inside. The invention of the camera-phone has made it possible for someone to stop you for a photo every five feet in the Windy City! Children lit up and adults were amazed as we spread out and did our job. We stayed on for intermission and even ABC News 7 dropped in to grab some footage to add to the annual tree lighting ceremony in Daley Plaza.

It was a great time and we had even a better time hanging out with the members of the Midwest Garrison and Rebel Legion at a local tavern afterwards. It really knocks me back to see how these people function before and after events. The 501st Legion is a true family that cares about one another. From helping each other getting ready to rallying future support for “Trooper of the Month,” one could clearly see this is a tight-knit group that has no trouble depending on each other. Much like the community we share at!

Unfortunately, we did not get to meet John Williams and photos were not allowed inside of the concert, as we had a hard enough time keeping everyone quiet during the show! It is good to see there will be things like this for Star Wars fans, it will never die and the mission of the 501st continues to insure that.

UPDATE: You can now read dustrho's report of the CSO event here.

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