Conglomeration 2005 - Louisville, KY
August 12-14, 2005
Story and Photos by Stephen Armbrust (Commander JediSearch)



August 13, 2005 - 11:15 AM:  The Dewback was saddled up, fed, and raring to go while my apprentice (my two year old son) was looking forward to a day of Sci-Fi/Fantasy fun. 

I was a little nervous about my first event coverage assignment, but I had a mission to accomplish and nothing was going to stop me.  My apprentice didn't want his photo published so he can continue to work undercover (Scalpers beware).     

11:30 AM: We spotted our objective.  The Conglomeration event was taking place at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Louisville, Kentucky.  My apprentice decided it was his turn to ride the Dewback (actually his stroller), so I set out on foot.  We entered the premises without a problem and proceeded to the main Exhibit & Vendor's hall.  On our way to the hall, we noticed a large jail cell at the entrance where someone was being held captive.  The captor - a woman in renaissance costume was reading him is rights.  

11:34 AM: My apprentice immediately began looking for bouny.  We began our patrol and found a few vendors selling Star Wars,  Lord of the Rings, and other cool stuff.  I didn't know what to expect, so I wasn't looking for anything in particular.  We saw some Jedi Council scenes, a plush Ewok of particular interest to my apprentice, and a POTF2 A-Wing.  We moved on after deciding the Ewok wasn't interesting anymore.

11:47 AM: Bounty spotted - a loose vintage Admiral Ackbar!  We moved into position to make sure he couldn't get away.   I kept him in my sights while the vendor helped another customer.  Once the gentleman was finished with the previous customer, we talked about and my need to apprehend Ackbar.  After a three dollar fee, he was in my custody, and we began searching for more goods.  We took some recon photography of this vendor's stock for future reference since he seemed to have the best selection of Star Wars stuff at the Con.

11:58 AM:  Vader!  We spotted an awesome (we think home-made) ceramic Vader lamp.  It really caught our eye.  We notified the vendor that we were from and we were looking for Star Wars loot.  He jumped at the opportunity to show me what he had available.  He had the lamp of course, and several Star Wars comics.  We found one with some of our Sandtrooper brothers on the front cover, and decided that one was going home with us.  We paid the vendor our one dollar fee, and secured the comic in cargo pack on the Dewback.  Another vendor was kind enough to sell a toy Rocket to my apprentice for half price (50 cents).  He was quite pleased.

12:04 PM:  It was time to view the Art exhibit.  We scanned through a lot of cool fantasy art, but some of wasn't really something a two year old can enjoy - so we quickly found some Star Wars art that took our breath away.  No photography was allowed in the Art Exhibit, but I was able to meet Mark Zug - the artist that created these fantastic pieces.  Visit his site to see more of his amazing work.

12:23 PM:  We made our way out of the exhibit hall, and back into the lobby where the captive from earlier had just been set free.  We were greeted by several friendly ladies that pointed us to KidCon.  We picked up an information packet and proceded on to meet the organizer of KidCon, Elizabeth Anderson.  Elizabeth explained to me that she is happy to help any Convention organization with kid friendly programs tailored to the specific convention.  If you are interested in contacting her, send me an email with your contact information and I will forward it to her.

12:41:  We check out some of the other events going on, we didn't pay for a badge so we couldn't really participate, but that's ok.  There was a large gaming room where most of the crowd seemed to be.  There were several presentations going on that looked like they might be interesting, but my apprentice was ready to hit the road.  We stopped by and picked up some pamphlets on our way out with information on some upcoming cons, and we also got a coupon for some free stuff at Burger King! 

I'm looking forward to my next assignment now.  Commander JediSearch out!

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