Ramada Plaza O'Hare Hotel, Rosemont, IL
September 9-12, 2004
Photos & Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


I was granted an Interview with Mike Edmonds, Logray the Ewok Medicine Man. It was very interesting to hear stories from a man who has been in two of the three Original Trilogy films, plus many other feature films such as Time Bandits and the Dark Crystal. We caught up to Mike a few hours after the Charity Breakfast and he was gracious enough to speak with me between autographs and major harassment from Jermey Bulloch!

Spice: How did you come to hear about the auditions for Return of the Jedi?

Mike Edmonds: Well I was working at the studio at the time I was doing another movie, however I can’t quite remember what it was but I just went into the casting office and asked them if they were considering little people for roles. They said yes and I got to know the producer Robert Watts, and I had already worked on Empire Strikes Back, so I already had a knock on the door. Luckily, I landed the role of Logray, which was one of the more major Ewok roles.

Spice: Yes I remember Logray being one of the first two Ewok Action figures released, were you aware of this?

Mike: Oh no, no. Those things were all very secret and we never knew what was being used for merchandising or anything. We were not allowed to keep anything as far as props or any part of the costume were concerned.

Spice: How did the work in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi compare?

Mike: Oh in Empire I felt like more like an over glorified extra more than anything else. Through my work, being on time and things like this, I was asked back.

Spice: What would you consider to be the greatest about your film career? Your most favorite role?

Mike: It would have to be Time Bandits. In the Star Wars films, there is no way you can tell it’s me. In Time Bandits, my face was uncovered and I did enjoy people actually seeing me.

Spice: What was the greatest thing about the Star Wars films to you?

Mike: Just being there. Being involved, before that I had only done a couple of movies and prior to that I was an Electrical Engineer. That was 1979. Then things moved forward from there.

Spice: What was the most difficult part in filming?

Mike: The fogging up of the eyes in the Ewok suit. I was very difficult to stumble around a Redwood forest in costume. The intense heat as well.

Spice: What do you think about the popularity that continues in the Star Wars Saga?

Mike: Well it was a good quality film, however I was in Japan a last week and most of the fans there preferred the Original Trilogy vs. the new films.

Spice: Yes, that is where I was really headed in my next question. Original vs. Prequel, which do you prefer?

Mike: Oh of course Original, the characters were so much better. I mean that horrible Jar Jar thing. So annoying and stupid you know.

Spice: So what is Mike Edmonds up to these days?

Mike: Well I’m still acting. I have been doing quite a bit of stage work. I have a musical actually due to start in February in Belgium. Of course I am going to try my best to get booked into Celebration III, I wouldn’t want to miss that.

Spice: Do you have a web address?

Mike: and for your Troopers in Belgium, I will have updates from the tour there.

Spice: Thanks again for your time Mike and we’ll be sure to add that to our links page! It was a pleasure sir.