Ramada Plaza O'Hare Hotel, Rosemont, IL
September 9-12, 2004
Photos & Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


It was a great pleasure to sit down and interview the man who played the part of a childhood hero of mine, Boba Fett. What Star Wars collector doesn’t remember waiting for that little white box to arrive? The first Star Wars mail-in was perhaps the best ever. It was really interesting to hear about Jeremy’s experience filming The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, as well as what he has been doing lately.

Darth Spice: What was required of you when you read for the part of Boba Fett? You probably didn’t realize you were going to be ‘the man’ in the sequel to ANH?

Jeremy Bulloch: You can’t ever know, when I read for it was just a character, six foot tall, stocky. I fit the suit, which was the audition. If I hadn’t fit in the suit I wouldn’t have gotten the part. I couldn’t have known I’d be ‘the man’, he has become popular and it has certainly amazed me over the years. Sorting through all of the letters that come in every week and now it’s years later and the new film coming out soon, I’m very surprised Boba is still popular as ever. It’s just amazing.

Spice: Doesn’t it strike you funny how both Boba and Jango Fett were killed off in sort of a weak manner?

Jeremy: I think in some ways it’s very clever of George to do that, it sort of makes you want the characters to come back. If you kill off a character like Darth Maul, people were not very happy with that but I think it helps make the character a little more popular.

Q: Is it true you based the performance of Boba Fett on Clint Eastwood? *

Jeremy: Yes it is. Fistful of Dollars was one of my favorite Western movies. Clint Eastwood hardly moved. The way he moved slow and easy, silent. Everything done in slow motion sort of, then when action would arise it was like bang, bang, and bang. Very fast. So I tried to translate that over into Boba Fett.

Spice: How does the work in the Original Trilogy compare to other things you have done?

Jeremy: Well I have done Dr. Who, Robin Hood and other things but nothing can compare to the size of the sets. Just extraordinary, you were part of it. You kept saying to yourself I must have made too many mistakes, it must cost a fortune to keep re-shooting. You’d make a mistake and they’d “back to the start ladies and gentlemen” and then action! You didn’t dare to make a mistake. The work I did in the Bond films was quite nice, but nothing compared to Star Wars. You were working in a fantasy, I always called it that, not science fiction but a fairy tale. I was terribly lucky to be a part of it.

Spice: What would have been the worst part of doing the films?

Jeremy: It would have been when we did the Carbon Freezing Chamber. There was steam coming up through the floors, mist and steam. I was getting hotter and hotter, that was uncomfortable. It was the sort of thing you put up with, you knew you were going to be uncomfortable. The straps are rubbing on your shoulders, the jetpack goes on and it’s like here we go. The gauntlets would pinch around your arms, but I would have never missed that day for the world.

Spice: Okay, what would be the greatest thing about the experience?

Jeremy: It would be the first day of shooting where you had all of the Bounty Hunters standing on the bridge with Darth Vader talking to us about capturing Han Solo. That was the first day. I spent three weeks on Empire and four weeks on Return of the Jedi. How could you forget what a wonderful time it was.

Spice: Which would you prefer personally? Empire or Return of the Jedi?

Jeremy: Well I enjoyed doing both, but I think Empire was the best of the lot. Everything is dark, the characters. However with the prequels as well I’ve enjoyed the prequels. I also think the public has been unnecessarily critical of the first two films. To me it has been absolutely fantastic. If you had never seen the first three films you would have nothing to compare the prequels to, you would think they prequels were great, as I do.

Spice: You do have a website for your fans? Is this where you can purchase your book I see here on your table? Flying Solo by Jeremy Bulloch is it?

Jeremy: Yes I do have a site it’s and I do have the book for sale there. I just sold my last copy before you came up. The site is updated as much as we can and I try to put a lot of pictures in there for the fans.

Spice: How do you feel about the amount of popularity the films still have some twenty years later?

Jeremy: I think it’s amazing how many people dress up in costume at all the different events. I think I agree with some people that when Episode III comes out the interest will decline quite a bit. We may be only doing one or two events a year, or one big one. I don’t think it will carry the steam it has since 1997. People love to see you and come back and see you again but you’ve also got to get on with other things. I have a series I have done a pilot for.

Spice: How about a little more information on that? What’s it called?

Jeremy: It’s called StarHyke, I will have details on it at my site as well. I’ll be rehearsing in October and filming in November. It funny, I play a Doctor that should not be allowed to treat people. He’s absolutely bats. It’s a bit like Star Trek, with the things that happen to the crew and everything. The scripts I’ve seen, bits and pieces of it are very funny. Hopefully it will do well and then perhaps next year it will come to the States. If it doesn’t, well you can never tell with these things.

Spice: How about the action figures of your character do you own any?

Jeremy: There are several new Boba Fett toys coming out I plan to add to my collection, I haven’t seen them all yet however.

Spice: Which one would be your favorite?

Jeremy: The Randy Bowen bronze statue is a fabulous piece. They only made 50; I got one off of Randy himself. There is also the full size Don Post mannequin I have, that helps keep people away. There is also a little one made out of Blackwood from Africa, individually cut, I really like.

Spice: How about the regular figures?

Jeremy: Oh I love them all, ranging from the 3- varieties to the ones that are a half an inch tall. I also like the Compulsion ones from England that are made of pewter. I also really like the Gentle Giant Studios, quite a magnificent piece as well. The display in San Diego was superb.

Spice: Besides Celebration III, are there any events you are really looking forward to down the road?

Jeremy: It’s always a nice surprise to be invited anywhere. Next year we’re due to go to Italy in March. My son lives there with his wife and three girls. I really look forward to this, not only for the event but to visit with my family. I do look at CIII as an exciting event, I sort of look at that as like a last hurrah. I think it will slowly lose steam after that. There has to be a time when it will sort of fade away.

Spice: Well the team at Sandtroopers will be working toward making that NOT happen, but thank you again for your time Jeremy. Hopefully we can do this again sometime.

Jeremy: Thank you my friend it was a pleasure as well.


* I did not ask this question personally, but I thought it was a pretty interesting Boba Fett factoid to add to the interview. The question was taken from the Q&A session.