Ramada Plaza O'Hare Hotel, Rosemont, IL
September 9-12, 2004
Photos & Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


Gerald Home was kind enough to sit down with Darth Spice this past weekend and discuss the man behind the mask of Tessek or Squidhead as many of us grew up calling him. Find out how Gerald landed his place in the historical epic Return of the Jedi.

Darth Spice: How did you hear about the job? The role of Squidhead?

Gerald Home: I heard about it from a guy called Desmond Jones, who was an English Mime teacher/director. He had his own company. I had been in a Mime company a few years before, and as a result I got to meet Mr. Jones. He was eventually the talent coordinator for people who could move without words. I think there were about sixteen people auditioning, I think they knew they wanted nine. We’re credited in the film as Mime artists.

Spice: What was the greatest thing about being in Return of the Jedi?

Gerald: Well we knew we were going to be in a hit film. We knew Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back were huge, and quite probably this one would be too. We were also treated very well, tremendously well taken care of, extremely well paid. It was quite the dream job.

Spice: What would be the worse thing?

Gerald: Well it goes with the territory. Obviously the heat.

Spice: How would you rate the Original Trilogy with the Prequel films?

Gerald: It’s very hard to be objective when you had a small part in some of them. I long to see Episode III, just to see the circle completed.

Spice: With the DVD release this month will you be picking up copies for those films you are so partial towards?

Gerald: I will not be doing it myself, I will have it done for me. I find it incredibly bad luck to buy your own work!

Spice: Did you enjoy doing the convention circuit? What do you enjoy the most?

Gerald: By far the most interesting thing is meeting people like you, the fans. I simply adore it. I can’t tell you how I adore it. I was in Germany a little while ago, where I met Stormtroopers (501st members) for the first time. I can’t believe the dedication and time put into the costumes. To walk around like that all day, sweating and such. Usually for Charity I’m just amazed.

Spice: Do you plan to do more shows this year or is there anywhere in the U.S. you’d like to go?

Gerald: Anywhere. I find it so much fun going place to place and this isn’t really like work. The fans are great.

Spice: What do you think about the vintage Tessek figure vs. the newer PotJ figure?

Gerald: Okay well it’s a different world. There were twenty years in between. I think the first one when I saw it in 1983, I thought it was gorgeous. Original, class. When I saw the new one, I thought it was right for the time as well. Sleek, clean a whole new look.

Spice: I enjoyed the newer one with the holster feature, it also held the gun quite nicely. Is there anything about Tessek or the Mon Calamari Officer you feel our readers could know and don’t?

Gerald: Actually yes. A site specializing in deleted scenes dug up lines that I had as a Mon Calamari Officer. It was a pretty interesting lead and maybe your readers would find that interesting. Here is the link: I was pretty shocked and thought it was pretty interesting.

Spice: Thanks again for taking out time for and we hope to see you again sometime. It was a pleasure.