Ramada Plaza O'Hare Hotel, Rosemont, IL
September 9-12, 2004
Photos & Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


It was a fine day to talk Star Wars and why not get a word from someone who took part in filming the added footage. Lyn Me was one of Jabba’s dancers, and I got an Exclusive interview with Dalyn Chew who played the part. Take a moment to find out what had Dalyn so blue!


Spice: Dalyn how did you hear about getting work in the added features for the Special Edition Trilogy?

Dalyn Chew: I heard about the job through the director of my ballet company. I don’t think originally they were going to use us for the dancers. They brought in three very tall black women for the audition; I think maybe George Lucas was going for ‘Supremes’ look.

Spice: What was the greatest thing about your experience?

Dalyn: Well, it was all very new and fun; even though dancing is show business it was a totally different kind of feel to it.

Spice: What would you say was the worst thing?

Dalyn: It would have to be the shoes for the Lyn Me costume. They were not very good for dancing let alone to stand in for thirteen hours. They were very hard and boxed shape and had absolutely no pliability whatsoever. It was also very, very hot. Although I was wearing very little, but my feet were like ten times the size of what I was used to. Femi Taylor had those nice little sandals, too bad I couldn’t get a set of them.

Spice: Do you still talk to either of the girls?

Dalyn: I do have limited contact with both. I hear more from Femi Taylor, she does these things every once and a while.

Spice: Did you spend more time getting into the make-up and such or dancing on the set?

Dalyn: Oh doing the dance. It was about 12-13 hours. I’d start getting ready at 4 a.m. and then we would start the shoot about 8. Yes, it took me awhile to get into makeup. One of the most common misconceptions about my character is it was white. It was blue. It wasn’t latex or anything, just blue painted all over my body.

Spice: Probably not that bad for the guy with the brush! This being your first time doing an appearance in the United States do you look forward to doing more conventions?

Dalyn: Of course, it has been a very good time. This being my third show total, it is really nice to meet the fans. They are so excited and very sweet.

Spice: How do you feel about the films having so much power over twenty years later?

Dalyn: It’s pretty amazing. I feel so honored to be a part of this huge legacy. I think it’s amazing how very young generations are passed on the stories. It just keeps going on like an endless circle. Timeless you could say.

Spice: How about the action figure? Do you own the three-pack?

Dalyn: I do, but I think my Mom stole it!

Spice: You may want to drop by our trade forums, someone could probably hook you up with one for you and Mom! Thanks again for taking the time for this interview.