Ramada Plaza O'Hare Hotel, Rosemont, IL
September 9-12, 2004
Photos & Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


Spice: How did you hear about the film Star Wars? Being the first film you obviously didn’t have any idea that it could turn into this, could you?

Christine Hewett: What happened was a costume woman and a girlfriend of mine, Angela Staines, who later became the other Tonika Twin. She was going to this casting with George Lucas. She said he was looking for two tall space girls.

Spice: How did the work in Star Wars compare to other acting jobs you have done?

Christine: Well it was in the 70’s and I did make a career out of being a space girl. I did some work on Dr. Who and Space 1999 and things like that but although I didn’t know it at the time Star Wars was indeed the ultimate space film. There was no comparison.

Spice: What do you find interesting about the power the films have two decades later?

Christine: I think it’s crazy, I think it’s lovely though, just something I couldn’t have ever possibly imagined.

Spice: So sitting there in the Cantina during shooting you had no idea this could maybe be something big?

Christine: To be honest at the time you didn’t feel you were a part of this major film or epic. However when I went to the screening I was simply blown away. It was strange to see it in its entirety.

Spice: So what was one of the greatest things you remember?

Christine: Well one of the strangest things was this little guy at the bar and he very proudly told me he was personal friend of the Craze brothers, they were very famous gangsters that would slice your ear off or the most nasty things to you if you crossed them and here he was saying how close he was with them!

Spice: Sounds like the little guy was trying to flatter a six-foot blonde! So was that the worse or was there something more dreadful than that?

Christine: Well no we were in cat suits so it wasn’t too bad, it was a very hot set. I mean the other people were really under pressure with the heavy costumes and stuff. I suppose it’s a little unnerving when you’re in this cat suit and everyone is always leering at your crotch!

Spice: What did you do in preparation for your role? What type of direction did you receive on the set?

Christine: Well I think we were told to just look impassive and mysterious. Sitting there with our little bubble pipes.

Spice: What were you smoking in those pipes?

Christine: I’ll never tell!

Spice: Okay it’s illegal here not over there! Well how would you compare the first three films with the two prequels?

Christine: I like the first three much better. I think they were just more interesting although I’m a little bit prejudiced.

Spice: Will you be obtaining copies of the new DVD for yourself when they are released?

Christine: Of course.

Spice: Do you plan to make future appearances in the United States?

Christine: Absolutely, I’m looking forward to Celebration III and am seeing if I will indeed be available.

Spice: Being close to thirty years since the film was released, do you still hope your action figure will someday be immortalized in plastic?

Christine: I am actually mortally offended it has not already! I am looking forward to seeing it.

Spice: I’m still shocked they have not made either of the Tonika Twins, we are all at the mercy of Hasbro. We ran a poll last year for what our readers wanted, and you came in first place, so perhaps someday your wish will be granted. Thanks again for your time and sharing your experience with our readers.

Christine: Thank you and we’ll see you at breakfast!

Spice: You can bet on it!