June 7, 2009
Story and Photos by Laura Goodrum (Taurs)


At 6am on a Sunday morning in the freezing cold and pouring rain I began the long journey up to Milton Keynes for this Spings Collectormania. After a 3-hour journey I finally met up with Jamie and we made our way to the convention. There was a pretty big change this year as the event was moved from the shopping Centre where it is usually held to Milton Keynes sports stadium. Apparently this was to allow more space for dealers and guests. They ran a free bus service from the town out to the stadium for Collectormania attendees so it was easy enough to get to. 

When we arrived I have to say that I wasn't overly impressed with the change of venue. The main reasons being that all the celebrity signing areas were outside in the cold, some of them were all wrapped up in blankets, which isn't ideal. The dealer area was inside in the stadium bar and lounge type area which meant that it was very cramped and early in the day it was so packed that you could hardly get in!

Anyway enough of the negative stuff. This event boasted a pretty varied range of celebrity guests. There were some minor characters from The Phantom Menace including Oliver Walpole (Seek), Megan Udall (Melee), Candice Orwell (Yane) and Toby Longworth (voice of Lott Dodd and Gragra) We managed to get photos of all of them but didnít meet them or get autographs. I did collect a few Star Trek autographs though meeting Avery Brooks (Captain Sisqo), and John Delancie (Q) and of course the main celebrity of the event Leonard Nemoy (Spock) The demand for Nemoy was so high that they had a virtual queuing system and he wasnít allowing and photos or writing any names on the autographs which was a bit disappointing but it was still great to meet him. The UK 501st Garrison were out in force as usual, and there were a few other people dressed up including a very cool looking Batman.

We met up with some old friends we met at Celebration Europe and had lunch with them; it was really nice to be able to catch up with them. After lunch the crowds had died down enough to be able to have a proper look around the dealer area. All the usual U.K. dealers were there selling everything from Star Wars statues to gothic jewelry. Obviously there was a lot of Star Trek merchandise around due to the release of the new film and as always there were a lot of stalls dedicated just to prints and autographs. Neither Jamie or me bought anything this time but there was a lot on offer.

Finally the cold defeated us and we had to retreat and begin the journey home. Overall we had a very good day and managed to meet all the people we wanted to. The stadium was a pretty poor choice for the new venue and I personally preferred it where it used to be, in the shopping centre, but I guess Show masters thought that it would be a warm day since it is technically summer! The upside of the move is that they canít hold the winter Collectormania there because it really will be far too cold so they are doing it in London instead, much better for me!

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