May 6, 2008
Story and Photos by Laura Goodrum (Taurs)


It was that time of year again this weekend as Collectormania 13 was held in Milton Keynes. The convention was held over the 3 days of the holiday weekend and Jamie (a.k.a. Jaask) and me attended on Sunday, which is usually the best day to catch all the guests. I have to say that I was quite disappointed that there were a lot of cancellations announced before the show this year including Patrick Stewart, Michael Rosenbaum and Robert McNeill. This year I booked a coach to get to Milton Keynes and it was only about two hours out from London so getting there as not a problem and I met up with Jamie en-route.

When we arrived at the centre it was already pretty packed out. The fact that this con is held in a shopping mall really doesn’t do it any favours and it suffered from the same problems as last time I attended. Because the show is spread out among the normal retail shops there is always a LOT of congestion and it took forever to get past the crowds to get from one place to another. I suppose it helps to attract more people though as there were a lot of casual passers by browsing the stalls and stuff. We bumped in to some people who we had spent most of celebration Europe with so it was nice to catch up with them a bit, as we hadn’t seen them since.

The stalls were pretty much the same as usual, there are only really a few people who do these cons and they are always there. As always lots of Artwork and autographs stalls took up a majority of the floor with a few big stalls selling all the Gentle Giant, Sideshow and Master Replicas stuff. I got a nice bargain n three MR Mini helmets and picked up some figures I have been missing for a while and Jamie found a Transformers bust he needed at half retail price so we were both pretty happy. A fair few people were dressed up this year and we saw some pretty impressive costumes, four guys dressed up as the Ghostbusters attracted a lot of attention and the Dorset Troopers were there too raising money for great almond street children’s hospital.

The main celebrity there was John Barrowman (Torchwood, Dr. Who) and tickets sold out to see him within an hour of them going on sale so we missed out on getting to meet him. Other stars who attended included James Marsters (Buffy), Natalia Tena (Harry Potter), Lea Tompson (back to he future) and Connor Trinneer (Enterprise). This was he third convention I had been to where Dave Prowse had appeared and although I did meet him at Celebration Europe, I never got his autograph both me and Jamie took the opportunity this time. I’m glad I did because I think he was a bit stressed at CE but he was a lot nicer this time; there wasn’t a queue so we had time for a chat and a photo. Sitting right next to Dave was Anthony Forrest so we took the chance to go and have a chat with him too, really nice guy but what else would you expect from a Trooper. Jamie also went to get Mark Ryan's autograph, voice of bumblebee in Transformers, as he is a big fan.

Overall it was a good day, we got some good deals on collectibles and added some more autographs to our collections. One thing show masters could improve with their conventions in the UK is to maybe add in just one or two special events like celebrity talks or something, not much but I just feel that t is a bit lacking somehow. Next stop London Film and Comic Con in July.

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