College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL
April 14, 2007
Story by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)
Photos by Mary Walton


It was a last minute decision to make it out to this year's CODCON event, as I wasn't really sure if I wanted to participate in it this time or not. Last year was the first time I had made it out to CODCON, and I have to be honest that it wasn't worth the twenty minute trip out there. Sure, I was able to hang out with my friends from the Midwest Garrison, but without much of a Star Wars presence there what else could we do there? This could very well be one of the shortest mission reports I've ever written.

You see, CODCON is primarily a role playing gaming event that's held at a small community college known as College of DuPage, just an hour west of Chicago. It's a pretty big campus, and from all the times I've hung out there it's usually busy with lots of students coming and going. When I drove up onto its campus there were hardly any cars to be found anywhere. I didn't see anyone walking outside, and I thought for a moment that maybe they were hosting this in different part of campus than where it was last year. Going on instinct, I parked my car, grabbed my gear, and made my way into the building. Sure enough, I was in the right place. Unfortunately I was one of less than a hundred people, and that's being quite generous. None of this mattered, because I absolutely love suiting up in my armor. I would wear it any chance I could get, and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to wear it.

I suited up and patrolled the place with the other garrison members. While I was at the event there was Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Boba Fett, two stormtroopers and one sandtrooper (me). I think there were more of us last year, but much less this time around. There were gaming tables in various rooms, but most were playing games I had never heard of before. There were a couple tables of people playing Star Wars Risk and Star Wars Miniatures, but there weren't many people at those tables. And what shocked me the most about the day was that those Star Wars gamers barely even recognized us in our costumes. Only a couple asked to have their photograph taken with me. But, the highlight of the day was having the opportunity of finally meeting a couple employees from one of our newer sponsors, White Wizard Toys. I enjoyed talking to them, and hope that I get to hang out with them at their new store some day.

Later in the evening I had heard that we (the Midwest Garrison) raised over $300 for charity, by running this booth called Jail 'n Bail. You basically pay to put someone in this make-believe jail cell, and all the money goes to charity. That was definitely a rewarding thing to hear after an uneventful afternoon. Too bad I can't make it out there tomorrow, as they're holding a Star Wars: Battlefront II tournament. The garrison will make their presence felt, while Star Wars gamers come to compete in one of the most successful Star Wars video games. They did that last year, and it was fun but was done on the regular Xbox gaming system. Hopefully they'll have it setup for people on the Xbox 360.

All in all, it wasn't that bad of a time there, but I was really hoping for something much more exciting for Star Wars fans and even collectors. I guess that's not what this event is about, but maybe some day they'll change it up a bit to attract more customers.

Until then troopers... United We Find!

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