May 28, 2007
Story by Rodel I. Cruz-Herrera (odiewan)


Here is more Kotobukiya coverage from CIV. The people at the Koto booth were kind enough to let me take closer pictures of the X-Wing cross section for the troopers. Up close this piece is simply amazing. Since this is a prototype piece and it is being used as a master copy, removing the layers to show more sections would be difficult to manage. Plus we did not want to take a risk of destroying this item.

I am glad that Koto is moving into a vehicle line. Not to mention they are the first company to begin production on a vehicle cross section variation. The release schedule will start in Japan, and then a release is planned in the US. When Japan release comes, customers would need to buy 6 different boxes. Each box contains different sections of the X-Wing as well as some ground crew. Together they will make a 15" long diorama of the X-Wing pre-flight scene. The US release might be a single item, instead of the mystery box marketing.

No mention of the next vehicle in the series was made. It seems like this is trial run in this section of the market. I hope it is well received by the public; the production of the medium sized ships can go on for awhile. It would be nice to see large ships like the Millennium Falcon & AT-AT in the cross section line. I give a big kudos to the Kotobukiya team for such an original idea. I hope this product line does well, like the current 12" ARTFX figure line.

As for other pieces of information from Koto, nothing would be disclosed; but the possibilities are endless. Maybe SDCC2007 would let us see the new Halo3 12" figure line.

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