February 6, 2010
Story & Photos by Walt "Phenix" Crowley


TD 5491 reporting in from this year's Mardi Gras mission. Caesar was our second Mardi Gras parade this season which is mainly a G rated parade for kids and man did it not disappoint! This is our 3rd year being apart of this parade which is one of the largest and longest, going a total of 6 miles which many troopers walk the entire route. One thing a lot of people don't know is that Mardi Gras isn't just for adults, freaks and the likes, it's for kids, lots of them! Mardi Gras has many different parades and we do mostly the children's parades and we only do one of the hardcore (R rated) parades downtown New Orleans which will be this coming Saturday the 13th.

The Bast Alpha Garrison of the 501st Legion as well as the Rebel Legion stormed the New Orleans area with 21 troops along with our Imperial Skiff float which was recently fitted with star wars music blasting from 15 speakers as well as lights and Lord Vader himself riding and throwing beads to the kids. The "Who Dat" was in full swing with the Saints fan's as well as some of our troopers wearing Saints gear with their costumes. The weather was cold but the crowds were large with lots of kids. Many kids dressed in star wars gear or costumes to our surprise and those special kids were the main parade attendees that received our special 501st Legion Mardi Gras Medallion/bead. The highlight of my day was a mother telling me her 10 yr old son had a star wars collection mostly sealed with only some opened, now that's a fellow fan after my own heart. All in all a great time as always and I look forward to sending in another report next week. Till then Who Dat! TD 5491 out...

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