Bridgeview Community Center, Bridgeview, IL
November 5, 2006
Story and Photos by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)


Hey troopers, chalk up one more event to the Dewback Patrol menu, as this trooper hit up the Bridgeview Toy Show for a second time this year. Seeing as it was a good time back in March this year, I decided it would be fun tackling this event once more. My friend Jeff (aka Darth Berger), his son and I would make the trip out there.

At approximately 0930 we loaded up his Dewback and began our journey to score some good Star Wars products. The one nice thing about this trip is that it only took us approximately thirty minutes to get there, instead of the much longer drive to the comparable "big" shows such as Wizard World Chicago in Rosemont. Once we arrived it was time to start our hunt for Star Wars toys. I only had $60 in my wallet and was hoping that it would be enough to satisfy my time there.

Admission only cost us $3 each, and since Berger drove I covered the cost of his admission (children under 10 were free). After paying for entry we filled out these free raffle tickets, as they were giving away some Star Wars and G.I. Joe toys. I honestly didn't pay much attention to this, as I almost never win anything. However, we were hopeful and deposited our completed tickets in the drawing boxes.

We walked around a corner and there were approximately 30-40 vendors setup with all sorts of goodness, many of which had Star Wars toys. Before we could make it onto the main floor we walked through the hallway of Star Wars cardboard cutout stands. There was Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Yoda and more, and if it weren't for the fact that they're so big I would have purchased a couple of them as they were priced pretty cheap.

I must have spent almost thirty minutes at the first dealers table, as he had the most amount of vintage Star Wars toys I've seen any dealer have at any toy show or convention. He had so many vintage figures that I was flat out in awe. What was most exciting was that he was selling most of those figures for about $3 each, and thanks to those great prices I picked up 13 vintage Imperial soldiers and one Rebel medical droid. I was really happy with the deals this gentleman had at his table, and most of my $60 was now out of my pocket. I still had 30+ tables to hit still, and I was almost regretting not walking around the place first to scope things out, but I just had a feeling that I would be in good shape going forward.

There were many dealers selling Star Wars goods, but they were selling everything at outrageous prices. One was selling the San Diego Comic-Con 501st trooper for $75, but luckily I got mine for much less than that. Another dealer was selling all the new figures for $15 and up, which is what they usually go for at toy shows, flea markets and conventions, so that wasn't too much of a shock to me. And the one that struck me the most was this guy who was trying to sell figures like Scorch for $35! I've seen that guy at a few shows in the past, and he has scalper written all over his face. Those are the kind of guys that will hopefully get theirs in the end.

Thirty minutes later at one of the last dealer tables I stopped at, this guy happened to know two of my friends from the Midwest Garrison. Talk about a small world!, and he also lives pretty close to me. He had all sorts of different toy lines for sale, but the items that stood out from the rest were all the vintage vehicles and figures he had for sale. Since I had purchased about $45 in vintage figures from that first dealer, I chose to only investigate the deals on the vehicles he had. He had the Imperial Shuttle for $200 that came with the box, and both of them were in close to mint condition as you could get. He had a really nice Jawa sandcrawler for sale, but seeing as I'm not much of a Jawa fan I chose to pass on that. Two items that I did end up buying from the guy were two Scout Walkers (AT-ST) that only set me back $7 each. They're both missing their top hatches and the gun that sits up there, but I'm going to customize these (whenever I find some free time). I'll give them a fresh paint job and see if there are any modifications I could do to them.

It was another successful mission for us, and for only spending $60 at the place (minus the admission fee) I thought it was an outstanding deal for what I was able to take home with me. The place was jam-packed with people by the time we left, and I'm sure others had just as much fun and success as we did. The dealers were more than friendly, most were willing to listen to offers, and there was plenty of Star Wars toys to go around for everybody. United We Find!

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