Bridgeview Community Center, Bridgeview, IL
May 6, 2007
Story and Photos by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)


Hey troopers, chalk up another event to the Dewback Patrol menu, as this trooper hit up the Bridgeview Toy Show for the first time this year, but certainly not the first time though. I've been there about four times I think, and they definitely keep getting better and better. My buddy Darth Berger and I made the road trip there from Aurora, and arrived in no more than thirty minutes. Maybe it was more like twenty plus minutes but it seemed rather quick.

So, after paying the $3 cover charge to gain entrance into this show, Berger and I split up on our own to hunt down those toys we were eager to acquire. In what seemed like only ten minutes, I had already blown $75+ on a bunch of different goodies. I picked up two very different looking action figure carrying cases, one was the Millennium Falcon (which I've actually seen before) and the other was R2-D2. I had never seen that one before. I ended up paying $10 for those two cases and two loose POTF2 AT-AT drivers, not a bad deal if you ask me.

Next up was a guy who had a 12" POTF2 Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper, and it sported a $40 price tag. I thought that was a pretty good price, but thought I'd see if he would knock it down just a bit. So I asked, "How firm are you on that $40 price?" He replied, "How about $35?" Seconds later the cash started leaving my wallet and into his hands. I have the other two 12" Speeder Bike sets (Leia and Luke), but never was lucky enough to have found this one. Plus, I wasn't ready to spend the close to $100 eBay price, so picking up for only $35 was an absolute steal!

Last table Berger and I hit together, and we both walked away with some great figures. What I thought at the time were all new figures I hadn't already purchased yet, I came to discover that three of them I already had in my collection. That didn't matter to me, as those three could easily fit in nicely into some of my dioramas. This was one of the few dealer tables that had figures for less than scalper-like prices, as those had some current figures going for $10 or more. The last thing I found at this table was the Cantina Band Members Commemorative Tin Collection set for $15, not too bad of a price, plus it was one of the only tins I really wanted but couldn't find it anywhere in my area.

After spending maybe a little more than an hour there, I walked away with a lot of great things. I couldn't be happier after bringing home so much booty, and it's always a lot of fun going to this small toy show. I'll certainly be looking forward to the next one. Until next time, United We Find!

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