Bridgeview Community Center, Bridgeview, IL
March 5, 2006
Story and Photos by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)


Hey troopers, it was another successful mission for your second-in-command here, and it was an assignment that was brought to my attention at the very last second.  Every Sunday morning my wife, son and I have breakfast with our best friends, and my buddy Jeff (aka Darth Berger in the forums) mentioned to me that there was going to be a toy show out in Bridgeview today at some VFW hall.  It didn't sound like it was going to be anything to write home about, but as I had nothing planned for the morning I thought it would be fun to go out to.

We saddled up his dewback for the trip, as mine is still exhausted from the trek out to downtown Chicago yesterday, and we set our sights for this toyshow.  The travel only took about thirty minutes as we went down Illinois 55, and on the way there the snow started coming down.  I couldn't believe it was snowing outside, as it's already March but you never know what kind of weather to expect when you live in the Chicagoland area.  We unloaded the dewback and got ourselves ready to see if this was worth the trip or not.

As soon as we paid our $3 admission fee, it was time to see what this show had to offer us.  We walked around a corner and there they were, several vendors with what looked like tons of Star Wars toys as far as the eye could see.  There were probably 30-40 dealers there, and I would have to say that more than 70% of them had some type of Star Wars toys for sale.  First thing we saw were some Star Wars cardboard stand-up displays, but there was no way we could have brought them home with us since the dewback wouldn't be able to handle such big items.  They looked great and would have looked even better in my basement, but these babies were not going to be coming home with us.

We moved forward and started search for some great deals.  Some of the dealers had really good deals while others had scalper-like prices ($20 for a TSC Scorch figure!?).  At the very first dealer table I stopped at I spotted an OTC Wedge Antilles carded figure, one that was a recent exclusive from, and it was on sale for only $10.  I couldn't believe that's all the guy was asking for, especially since it was something like $15 on their website, and to have it shipped to me it would have been around $21.  I picked that bad boy up and told the dealer, "I'll take it!"  Right away, I knew that there were going to be more deals to encounter ahead.

We continued our journey and I stopped at another dealer who had some army-building figures, quite a large amount of them to be exact.  He had all of these POTF2 and Episode I carded figures on sale for only $3 each, which was a really good deal.  I spent a good amount of time going through for large boxes of these figures, and was able to buy the following from him: two Sandtroopers, one Death Star Gunner, one TIE Fighter Pilot and Biggs Darklighter.  Most of the time you find these carded figures in real crappy conditions, as they are usually caked in dirt and dust from sitting out at flea markets and outside toy shows.  However, these were in super minty condition, but that didn't matter to me as I would be opening them up to add to my ever-growing armies!

It took us about forty minutes to make our way around the entire room, and one of the last things that caught my eye was this 12" AOTC Ki-Adi-Mundi figure.  This thing stuck out like a neon sign in a snowstorm on Hoth, and that's because the damn thing was on sale for only $10!  I have seen this hard-to-find figure go for more than $100 on eBay, but this guy had it for only $10.  I asked him if it was supposed to be $10, and he told me that's what he wanted for it.  I couldn't believe how this guy couldn't know the true value of this figure.  Either this guy was a really honest and reliable dealer, or he was just a complete idiot for giving it away.  This same guy had an Episode I Darth Maul figure, mint on its card with it being signed by Ray Parks, for only $10.  I thought about getting that, but I really didn't need it and thought some other trooper could enjoy it more than me.

What was going to be a simple Sunday morning turned out to be a very exciting one, as I walked away with some really great deals!  My friend Jeff picked up three vintage Ewok figures, all complete with their weapons and accessories, for something like $20 total.  I thought that was a pretty good deal, especially since they were in mint condition.  The turnout at the place was more than what I was expecting, and it was nice to meet such great dealers there who had very reasonable pricing on their Star Wars items.  I really hope that the next toy show that I attend, wherever that may be, turns out to be as successful and entertaining as this one was.  United We Find!

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