Bridgeview Community Center, Bridgeview, IL
December 10, 2006
Story and Photos by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


Last month Dustrho with some assistance from Darth Berger stormed the Bridgeview ToyCon Charity Toy show. I was pretty impressed with the outcome and decided to dust off Sandtrooper Jason and pull him out of semi-retirement to pull a little active duty. The photos from last month prompted me to investigate and maybe even score a couple things for an early Christmas present or two of my own. We headed out early as I was suiting up to do benefit photos with the Midwest Garrison for the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation. It’s enough of a privilege to be allowed to wear the uniform but to help out a cause that is so worthy how could you say no to a such a noble request? Upon arrival I couldn’t believe the mound of knee-high toys that was accumulating in our dressing area. Even though the show is a mere $3.00, if you bring in any packaged toy you can avoid that small fee!

Once again I was surprised to see the vast amount of Star Wars toys that were for sale on the floor. You could find anything ranging from the vintage line to the very newest figures from the Saga collection. After suiting up we took time to pose for photos with many people who had lined up and were patiently waiting while we took what seemed like forever to capture a group photo. I was downright shocked with the amount of people who just kept filing through that place. There was a steady buzz throughout the show the entire time we were there. The Midwest Garrison didn’t disappoint anyone either. There was quite a very large group to come out. We also had a few members, albeit very outnumbered from the Rebel Legion. It’s so much more fun when the crowd is in to it as much as we are.

That is one of the things you can truly admire about the members of these groups. As high as fuel prices are, and even the hour or two rides to and from, there always seems to be a pretty decent turnout. The dedication and selflessness never will cease to amaze me. Some even had some pretty impressive costumes for their younglings. I’m looking forward to showing the younger generation how to “play dirty.” Towards the end of our visit we managed to get the entire group outside because we couldn’t fit everyone in the shot indoors. This show was a very enjoyable and any Trooper who could get to any of the future events, I would strongly suggest. As in most of our missions, you’ll never know unless you go. For all the trouble you can have going store to store in your searches, you can sometimes find things you’re looking for under one roof. Until next time Troopers, United We Find!

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