Borders, Naperville, IL
January 30, 2007
Story and Photos by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)


I've been to many different events such as parades, birthday parties, toy shows and conventions, but I never participated in a book release before. This was hopefully going to be a new and good experience for me, especially knowing that this would possibly be a big event because of the book and its author. I wasn't expecting to see a huge turnout for it since the author would not be present, but I was expecting to see a good handful of Star Wars readers. It would be a successful mission for us, right?

We were requested to arrive around 5:00 PM and be suited up by 5:30 PM. Officially, the event was scheduled to start at 6:00 PM, and everyone who volunteered for this were out on the floor by that time. We patrolled the aisles, checked out some books and magazines, and stood guard by the floor display that held several Allegiance books. Every once in a while we would venture outside for a breath of fresh air, but most of us could only tolerate the ten degree weather for only a matter of seconds. It was just too cold to be out there, even for the lone snowtrooper who was with us! Aren't they supposed to be able to handle the freezing cold?

Most people who came inside to shop stayed away from us for reasons unknown. Maybe they were afraid of us, maybe they were Star Trek fans, but there were a number of people who wanted their pictures taken with us. Others wanted to learn more about us and what we were all about. One father who was so excited to see us had his son's grandfather bring his son to the store, just so his son could see Star Wars characters in person. Supposedly the five-year-old boy is a huge Star Wars fan, and when he showed up he first appeared to be excited in seeing us. Then, he became a little shy toward us, but after Darth Vader used his Force powers on the boy his mind then belonged to the Empire. He then cherished the moment, as any child who loves Star Wars would.

It's hard to say if the mission was a complete success or not, only because I never learned how many books were sold that day. During the two hours that I was there, only a few people actually approached the book stand that held the “Alliance” books. Maybe people stopped in the store earlier in the day to purchase them, but while we were there maybe one person actually walked out with one. I'm hoping, though, that this Borders and all the others across the country did well selling it, as it's been previewed as being an excellent book to add to any Star Wars reader's collection.

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