Geneva, IL
June 2007
Story and Photos by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


Last winter brought quite a bit of snow and subzero temperatures to the suburbs of Chicago. One might think the sun-savvy Sandtroopers might be taking to shelter and waiting out the cold of winter, but after all this time I would hope you know better. A phone call regarding a top-secret assignment was passed down to me and I was informed Dustrho and I would be taking part in a modeling assignment with Star Wars artist extraordinaire Dave Dorman. I could only think what an honor this truly was. The 501st Legion would flex their muscles and the might of Rolling Thunder would serve as the means to illustrate the might of the empire. Truly a match made in Mustafar.

Thinking back to my early Sandtrooper days with General Vaughn and Jason. I remember the General boasting about his ultimate haul and treasure from Celebration II. The Dewback Patrol is a great print even if you are not a Sandtrooper fan. To be asked and hand picked by Mr. Dorman himself was indeed, humbling. Even Lord Vader knows when to take a bow but I couldn’t shake the feeling of how cool this really was. Even with all these feelings I had no idea what I’d be in store for. Due to scheduling issues I would be in a separate shoot with another TK who would also serve as an Emperor’s Royal Guard. Legion members who pack more than one costume in a vehicle is indeed another miracle of the Force!

After seeing the rough draft of the print, combined with the incredible talent of Dave I knew this would be a solid hit as many of his past works have been. As several members of the Midwest Garrison would descend upon the home of Mr. Dorman throughout the weekend, I don’t think anyone had a clue to what we were taking part in. It was very cool to get a tour of the Dorman house as well as take instruction and direction as he took over 400 photos of TK 118 and I. The second shoot that Sunday would supply with Dave with thousands more reference photos that he would use to create Lord Vader’s: Persuasion of the Outer Rim World to Join the Imperial Alliance!

I couldn’t believe the line that wrapped around the Dorman booth at Celebration IV. It would only take a couple days to sell out the limited edition run that Dave happily drew sketches and autographed for the fans. It was easily the biggest hit in the artist area and again what an incredible honor this truly was. To see the poses the Midwest Garrison members inspired come to life was charging. The 501st Legion once again did the job well and Lord Vader would be most proud of us all. We’re looking forward to seeing the Celebration Europe print which also featured several Legion members and hope it receives the same accolades as the first celebration print. Thanks again to Mr. Dave Dorman for all of his help during Celebration IV as well. Our army is at your disposal at any time. On behalf of all the members we thank you for an experience we will never forget. United We Find!

Click on the thumbnail images of the two prints Dave Dorman worked on recently.

The following individuals participated in the making of the two Dave Dorman prints:

  • 118 Tom Schaefer (Royal Guard / Stormtrooper)
  • 356 Mike Plesha (Darth Vader)
  • 1020 Jim Tampa (Imperial Officer)
  • 1043 Chris Rhoads (sandtrooper)
  • 3262 Dana Gasser (sandtrooper)
  • 6442 John Fitzsimmons (stormtrooper)
  • 7306 Chris Spice (sandtrooper)
  • 8063 Mark Van Slyke (bikerscout)
  • 9442 Chris Schwarz (bikerscout)
  • 9989 Kathy Van Beuningen (Imperial Officer)
  • 9990 Vince Newkirk (Imperial Officer)
  • 412 Arturo Delgado (assistant)
  • 1139 Jim Nieciecki (assistant)

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