Austin Collector's Expo
July 30-31, 2005
Story and Photos by Dave Demel (starfox)


Well this was my first time in hitting a collectors show and writing up a review for, and hopefully the first of many to come. I saddled up the ol’ Dewback early this morning with the help of my co-pilot and navigator, my supportive wife, Amy. No pictures of her will be attached, per her request to stay anonymous.

We arrived at the Crockett Centre in north Austin around 10am and proceeded to enter the large hall with many different vendors, some local, some from San Antonio to Houston and beyond. There was a $4 cover but I flashed my OLD T-shirt (hint hint Spice) and told them I was writing a review for the site, so my wife and I were able to “procure” some press passes!

Once our passes were secured, we began to make our round of the many different vendors with all types of collectibles. I wasn’t after anything in particular, just taking in the atmosphere and trying to score a good deal. Approximately 40% of the tables had some Star Wars items, ranging from classic vintage all the way up to the new Bacara figure. There were many booths dedicated to Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, sports cards, old movie posters, dolls, autographs, etc... you name it and it could probably have been found. Unfortunately, most of the prices were high. I saw a Lava Vader for $65 (glad I scored mine at $12.99 at Target), some new ROTS from $10-20 depending on the figure, and clone 3 packs in the $25+ range. On the other end of that scale, a lot of red carded and green carded figures could be found for $3, some old vintage incomplete figures were there for $2. I was finally able to see the Code 3 Star Wars: A New Hope sculpted 3-D poster and it was very sharp. It was a little smaller than I would have thought, but the details and looks were most excellent! Most of the vendors were very friendly and didn’t mind me taking pictures for the site and all had good stories to share.

I was mostly disappointed about the prices of things, but then I saw a Greedo mini-bust sitting out loose, next to the GG Chewbacca statue w/ C-3PO (very heavy, but awesome piece). After talking with the owner about the GG products, he informed me that the Greedo had a few broke fingers behind his back and he would let it go for $5...WOW! Are you sure, just $5? You always hear about good deals and I finally scored one.

Well after a couple hours of visiting with people and snapping photos (me and Boba Fett), it was time to pack it up and move ‘em out and that’s just what we did. I thanked the staff on behalf of for the press passes and allowing us to browse their Expo and we headed out for a fine lunch at Chuy’s (where the Bush girls were busted for drinking under age).

If you ever get a chance to check out this show in Austin, I strongly recommend that you do. The people are down to earth and friendly and a wide variety of collectibles to be found... starfox signing off.

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