April 28-29, 2012
Story & Photos by: Ricky Salvagin "JediMCor"


For the 2nd year in a row, Clone recruits and I invaded the Rochester NY National Museum of Play. The Museum with the help of the local 501st and Rebel Legion and R2-D2 Builder Club hosted the "In Another Galaxy Weekend Event". The event was very similar to last year, and had a very good turnout with kids and adults alike. I hope the museum can keep doing this in the years to come and keep adding to the Star Wars theme. It's great to see the kids have a chance to meet their favorite Star Wars character and also dress up in their favorite costume. I donít think I ever seen a museum with a large collection or history of toys from years past and still have room for hands on exhibits for the kids to enjoy. Also can't forget the nice Butterfly exhibit too. Even a local High School Robotics Team was showing off their robot entry. There might just be a future basketball player in the works! We also had to encounter some friendly Jedi's doing temporary tattoos for anyone wanted one. I'd never know what they would do to a Sandtrooper if I had to turn my back on them!

We also met with a few 501st who remembered us from last year. I was also reintroduced to a R2-D2 owner whom I have met at the Steel City Con this past March. Before the crowd was getting throughout the museum, we had the chance to take pictures of the Potatoes Head crew assembled on the carpet. I still haven't figured out of how Buzz Lightyear got involved with Star Wars, maybe be from the Disney Star Wars Weekend event? By the end of the day, these spuds were played with, torn apart and played with some more by all the younglings who had a chance to get near them. There was even a Lego black cat was watching over them. A new event was the Blaster Range with Nerf Toys. You could also get a chance to shoot at Stormtroopers or Biker Scouts. Fortunately they had a decoy show up as extra bonus points, the Jawa. Unfortunately, my son and I were captured by Greedo and friends. Both of us were in a holding cell and then were carbonized for a little while. The other son had a chance to stare down a Jawa for a bit, I think he was winning too. The best costume for a youngling I seen today was the Scorch outfit. There was some amazing detail, but still a little short for a Republic Commando. So after 6 hours of having a battle with Jedi and fighting for the cause, my troopers and I were ready to leave. It was a great turnout and we had fun throughout the day and we can only hope to return for the event next year! United We Find.

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